Random ramblings #006

Upon returning from our minimoon.

Me: hey we need to quickly get our baggages and get a taxi before 6am. Otherwise there is peak hour surcharge.

D: huh… Before 6am you get midnight surcharge you know?

Me: no no, midnight is from 5pm to midnight.

D: *rolls eyes* hello!!

Me: really lah, I just googled it! *shows him my mobile screen*

And realized that as I scroll down I see “midnight surcharge from midnight to 5.59am at 50%, peak hour surcharge from 6am to 9.30am at 25%”

Me: eh eh eh! How come!?

D: you never take cab meh?? You don’t know got midnight surcharge??

Me: you always ask me to take public transport to save money what.. Always tell me not to take taxi *sad face*

D: waaaahhhhh! O.o

A big sigh of relief

And so, we did it!

I married my best friend.



I’m beyond grateful that everything went well on the actual day. It was a simple affair and I like it that way. Couldn’t have been a happier bride.

Thank you love for doing everything to make sure our day was a fuss-free and memorable one. Just the way I would enjoy it. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. Thank you for making me so happy for the past 6.5 years. Wait, scratch that. It was not all a bed of roses for that many years. We did have our own sad times and I almost thought we wouldn’t work out. But I’m glad we did.

Looking forward to adventures of Mr & Mrs Ong!😀

TP test

My first attempt. I failed terribly. I did quite well for my warm up just 1 hour before the test. But nervousness got the better of me. I screwed up vertical parking and parallel parking. Fml.

Got 48 points in total.

Freaking upset that tears rolled down my cheeks as I received my results from the tester.


This quote cheered me up a whole lot though.

And Dennis brought me to eat ice cream waffles (my fav dessert aka comfort food).

Felt a ton better after that.

Almost wanted to give up as I was really angry at myself. It would be silly to, I guess. So I went to book the next available test slot. Hopefully by then I will pass. FIGHTING QIN! (:

Facial Cleanser

I am so sad Ettusais moved out of Singapore. Love quite a few of their products.

I didn’t thought I’d need to stock up on their facial cleanser but I recently used up my last bottle and frantically googled “best facial cleanser singapore”.

This Her World Plus article came up first and first on the list was Bifesta cleanser. I was like, oh wow so convenient because I can buy Bifesta from Watsons.

I bought this.


Used it for more than a week now and I’m not used to it. Doesn’t leave my skin feeling clean.😦

Went out and bought Clean and Clear. Those typically cleanser we use in Secondary School days. But… it’s just not the same. Oh my gosh.

Never thought I would miss a facial cleanser so much. Hahahaha.


Oh!!! Apparently qoo10 seems to have it. Shall check it out. Or maybe use Airfrov or something. #allisnotlost

BTO Progress – Part 2

Read part 1 here!

So the last update was early this year where most of the buildings were up and the multi-storey carpark was taking shape.

March 2016 – the building on the extreme right is ours!!


June 2016 – the carpark

2016 06.jpg

August 2016 – Probable Completion Date (PCD) updated from Q4 2016 to end October 2016. Which means we can get our keys in approx 3 months time?! Yippee so excited!!!😀

October 2016 – patiently waiting for someone in our block group chat to announce they have received their keys. Please let it be sooooooon!🙂