Working on 除夕!

It's an unofficial half day and boss has very kindly told everyone to work from home.


By right I should be feeling very happy and shiok on this day given the option to wfh but no leh – mid-month rush. Down side of working in the finance team.

Woke up around the usual time cos I wanted to make breakfast for us before he leaves for work.

Hehe 爱心早餐! ❤️

Decided to make a full breakfast to make up for yesterday. Haha. I'm a #wifeyfail cos I didn't prepare anything and even told him I don't feel like cooking. 😜

Tried to make a heart shape egg but failed. I'm not very good with the silicone mould yet. Shall practise more!

Haha but at least my egg is quite evenly shaped lah. 🍳

So it was Valentine's Day yesterday.

Not an occasion we celebrate but I was too lazy to cook.

This week is a short week + hubby is not home most of the time so I've decided to skip meal planning. Anyways we have a lot of frozen stuff stocked in the freezer so I can whip up quick meals easily.

We went to the mall and tapao dinner. 😛

Presenting the most romantic Valentine's Day dinner:

Sushi, Mos burger, fried oysters and Nine Fresh. Bahahahahaha.


I feel ultra happy though – cos I get to put my feet up on the chair when I eat, I can burp and laugh loudly, we can share all the food and eat using our hands, we can sit and Chit-chat for as long as we want and best of all, we paid 1/10th of what you would pay at a restaurant! 🙌🏻

Thanks to Dayre I can recall what we did a year ago. Hubby made chili beef stew!

Recipe here: @arohammer:260217

Oh yay I finally received the email and clicked on the link!

I wonder if they will back up the new entries that I'll post from today onwards though. 🤔

MIL requested for homemade bread! 😁

I don't bake for them as often as I should. *guilty*

Perks of working from home means I can walk into the kitchen and do stuff 😬 It's soooo easy with the BM!

Cranberries and walnuts! 😁

3.5 hours later… 🕜

Freshly baked and sliced.

Yay can't wait for reunion dinner tonight!

For the first time in many years (is it 5 or 7?) I don't have to rush for 2 reunion dinners on 除夕!

I like this arrangement! Cos usually I'll be too full after the early dinner with my PIL that I don't eat much with my own family. And my dad will prepare a lot of food. 😐

This year we changed things up a bit!

By having dinners on 2 different days.

And this time I'm the Chef! 👩🏻‍🍳 let me share the professional photos my Brother took. A good photog makes all the difference!

Reunion with my family

Yam ring with chicken, cashew and scallops.

Braised shiitake mushrooms with abalone and broccoli.

Rolled oats salted egg prawns.


I was so impressed with the photos cos they look like restaurant menu one! But it's just taken at my dining table. 😛

I'll share the recipes another day ya!

But I wasn't very impressed with my cooking that day. 😐 the yam ring was quite nice! Braised mushrooms okay. And the rolled oats prawns disappointing. 😭 I already practised making it but I thought it was too oily the other time so I reduced the oil. Ended up not nice.

I also made fish maw soup!! Which was niceeee 😬 Brother didn't take a photo.

Reunion with my in-laws!

Hubs helping to make the yusheng.

We're going vegetarian this year!

Sumptuous spread prepared by MIL.

Love this dish! So yummy and flavourful!

Colourful yusheng!

Wanted to go 春到河畔 after reunion dinner cos hubby said we've never been there together before!

Which is so true!

Better do all the things that a couple can do before starting a family. 😐 butttttttt, we got too tired lolol. Hubby and I were like "sleep is a better idea right?"

So yep we went home to 💤 best decision. Haha.


兄弟姐妹大团圆! 🤗

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Eve of the Eve of Chinese New Year!! ❤️

Not that the hubby and I are celebrating in any way. 😅

The morning conversations went like:

👱🏻‍♀️: do you need to go school tonight b?

👱🏻: yeah… oh no no tonight no need.

👱🏻‍♀️: oh why?

👱🏻: it's midweek exercise day today!

👱🏻‍♀️: huhhhh but I'm sick. Cannot exercise. Mommy said cannot (it's true ah my MIL so sweet she texted me – no exercise and no cleaning. Side note: she is gonna miss this space confirm! She gets updates on our lives thru Dayre!)

👱🏻‍♀️: Maybe we go grocery shopping instead? (Cos I forgot to buy stuff to cook for CNY 😐 was planning to order Redmart but there is no more delivery slot tmr! 😨)

👱🏻: okay can also!

👱🏻‍♀️: omg it's Valentine's Day leh baby! (Suddenly remembered)

👱🏻: oh ya horrrr!

Hubs gave me a kiss and wish me Happy Valentine's!

👱🏻‍♀️: you forgot right?? Today is V-day! (Just teasing him)

👱🏻: noooo I remember! I subconsciously know it's Valentine's so I'm not going school tonight ma!

👱🏻‍♀️: yaaaa right. 🙄

Reunion with Girlfriends!

Prep work!!


A bit too much food but it's ok lah leftovers means 有余 right?

A bought a can of abalone! So sweet of her!

I was told to slice thinly and did my best (see the ones at the back).

Hubs looked upon me and frowned.

"Aiyo not thin enough leh. Slice thinner!"

Lol. 🙌🏻 give up lah asked him to do it instead.

Was quite impressed cos he really made them super thin and lay out nicely. Had to take a photo to compliment him on Dayre. 🤣

First lo hei of the year!! Welcoming the 🐶 with Umi Sushi yusheng.



I'm lazy so I just use instant chicken stock. Easiest soup base ever!

And yes we shifted the crazy heavy dining table to this side of the living room.

And moved the bicycle too so it's not blocking the way.

One thing I love about our house, or rather living room, is that it's so empty and we can happily change the arrangement.


I think my 摆盘 not bad so take more photos. 😅


We cut down on all these cos they are high in sodium. So more vegs and mushrooms and meat pls!! Less of balls and luncheon meat and sausages.

Enoki in paper cups.

Cos it saves space.

And it's super easy to take a throw into the steamboat pot – one cup at a time. 👍🏻

Pork Belly (top right) and pork collar.

Unfortunately this brand of shabu not that nice leh. I thought I bought before and they were not bad but somehow it's not as nice now.

Mental note to buy Porkee from NTUC next time!

From Redmart!


This Huawei camera is so good lah!!

Thank you P for bringing ice-cream over!! So yummy this one.

One round of Limpeh Says hahaha.

My girlfriends and I are not the dirty funny jokes kind of people so quite hard to play ah! I think this game is meant for party party kind of people. 😅 if that makes sense.

Switch to Ban Luck – more our kind of game haha.

Hubby and I both lost money. 😨 lol. We've never really won at any gamble before.

My Husband suck at taking selfies lolol.


K's Huawei phone!

Quality is not bad but the photo composition really cmi haha. We are so bad at this photo-taking thing!

But still, for memories sake. We always take photos together. ☺️ so happy our small girlfriends gang is expanding!

Idk why my head tilt such a weird angle. This is just not the day for photos. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Thank you girls for the reunion dinner! It was fun hosting!


I'm turning back time to update this post cos I want the events to be in sequence hahaha. 怪癖 yes.

We had a super huge gathering at YS & XF's place for CNY reunion! This year we had an extra guest – the 11th Brother. 🤔

I've always thought hubby's clique is 10! That's why I affectionately call them 十兄弟. So cute right. Friends for more than half the lifetime is precious.

A cutting the chicken.

To which some of us observed that the chicken is different colour – some yellow, some pink.

😐 strange.

Red table cloth for maximum huat-ness!



Prawns! Painstakingly peeled by the advance party and they even plate it so nicely!

Every year we will gather at D's parents' house for CNY cos it's a 3-storey house at Bukit Timah which is big enough to accommodate everyone without disturbing their family upstairs. Lol.

Finally this year… 大家长大了. Most of us already moved out to our new place so it shall be a yearly rotation!

As usual, advance party will arrive 1 hour ahead of time to buy grocery.

Preparing for lo hei. Every year K will buy this from Ichiban.

So many things have become a tradition because we do the same every year for the past X years? ☺️ it's heartwarming.

Wefie before we begin.

I also suck at taking photos with the selfie stick haha.

So pretty these photo frames from #taobao!

Aiyo so cute!

Sounds like a phrase from the Limpeh Says game lol.

Recipe: pork belly yaki udon

Eeeps back to work today! Need to get my engine fired up cos this is a short work week due to CNY but work doesn’t stop. 😩 in fact its midweek and our monthly billing cycle falls on this week! Ughs.

My team lead / manager is very nice though. Even asked me to see doctor again cos my lips were pale today. 😷 actually it’s nothing serious la. Just the common cold and I don’t feel sick except for the occasional coughs (so annoying esp when I’m sleeping) and blocked nose (hence breathing difficulty esp in aircon place).

No choice have to go back to work cos I don’t want it to snowball and end up having to work DURING the festive period. No pls. 🙅🏻

There’s still about 2.5 weeks before Dayre’s end of life so I will continue posting!!

Hopeful and thankful after reading @/sgbudgetbabe’s post! 🙏🏻 that someone is willing to step up and do something concrete. For that, thank you.

Haven’t decided where to go from here.

But I hope Dayre stays.

Anyways I have removed all 800+ followers from my IG (same handle) and slowly adding back a few friends. ☺️ I haven’t posted anything there yet though. Don’t know where to start since I’ve stopped posting about half a year ago.

Should I post lengthy captions as if writing in Dayre? Or just keep to short and sweet one-liners? 🤔

We’ll see.

In other news, the Toggle series “Dance with Me” is out!! And ummm, hubby had a teeny tiny small role in episode 4! Wahahahaha. 🙈


Not. 🙄

I hear it’s MCCY’s initiative / move to create awareness for the dance scene in SG! I didn’t watch all 8 episodes. In fact, only the few seconds / minutes which I caught a glimpse of the hubs.

And it’s cos he went to show me too.

#somuchlove from me huh. 😳

Okay gonna share 1 (or maybe a few) recipe today!

Recipe: Pork Belly Yaki Udon

400 g udon noodles (2 packs)
1/2 onion, sliced
100 g greens
1 carrot, sliced
2 shiitake mushrooms, sliced
2 green onions/scallions
115 g sliced pork belly (or any meat)
1 tbsp oil

Freshly ground black pepper
3 Tbsp mentsuyu (noodle soup base)
1 tsp soy sauce
1 tsp mirin

Recipe adapted from justonecookbook!

1) If the udon noodles are frozen, boil them until loosen. Drain and rinse off the starch. Drain well and set aside. If noodles are refrigerated, loosen them under running water.

2) In a frying pan, heat oil over medium high heat. Add the pork and cook until almost cooked through.

3) Then add onion and cook until translucent and soft.

4) Add carrots shiitake mushrooms and stir fry until coated with oil. Then add Udon noodles and stir till well combined.

5) Lastly add the greens cos they cook very fast! Fry until vegs are slightly wilted.

6) Add seasonings and mix all together.

Topped with spring onion and serve!

This recipe can try! It’s easy and yummy. Perfect for quick weekday dinners!

** I don’t have mentsuyu at home so I used noodles sauce (those that you eat soba noodles with) which I bought from Daiso a while back.

#dancingquinncooks #dayrecooks

Felt like I have slacked off this weekend cos we were supposed to exercise on Saturday AND Sunday (according to our weekly schedule) but did not.


When I woke up on Saturday, it was already close to lunch time (plagued with a mini headache so hubby asked me to sleep in) so we had a hearty brunch since we were hosting friends for late lunch.

We had 2 gatherings that day. 😅

And on Sunday my family came over so it was a full day of prep work and playing games on Nintendo Switch. 😉

Hubby said I shouldn’t be too hard on myself since I’m not well.

“Doctor usually say sick cannot exercise one! Cannot exert yourself.”


So much backlogs! 😐

I'm looking through my camera roll now and I have so many pictures to share but idk where to begin.

My heart is not in the right mood to type lengthy posts, knowing that it will no longer exist next month. 😞

I wanna share:

– Yaki Udon recipe (which turned out sooo good I was surprised!)

– My hearty dinner which I cooked when H came over to our house. My first time cooking for her!

– My first CNY lo hei + steamboat this year with Shingzers girlfriends!

– My second CNY lo hei + steamboat with the 十兄弟 gang!

– My family reunion dinner where I cooked up a storm! Prep work actually starts 1 day before. I now geddit. I get why mommies fuss over & over-prepare for reunion dinner. It's such a happy thing! My heart is so full knowing that I'm cooking yummy food for people close to heart. ❤️

Bye Dayre? 😭

Been reading on everyone's "goodbye" posts and am generally feeling emo. Guess it's only natural – nobody likes goodbyes.

Haven't decided where to go after this.

I know there are a few silent stalkers reading my Dayre frequently and they do not have Dayre accounts so here I am saying goodbye to you guys! 👋🏻 Dayre is closing down.

That said, I still have a few cooking pics to share so I'll do so before this app dies – then try to back them up!