Over the weekend, we went to a friend’s place for BBQ! Haha unique way for CNY gathering – no steamboat, no lo hei, no gambling. 😅

I haven’t been in touch with this bunch since the longest time cos I haven’t been active in Scouts HQ now. And I’m not the most sociable creature lah so I was like… should I go?Hubby said yes we should go. To maintain and keep the friendship. Hubby is the extreme opposite of me. He’s the extrovert. He enjoys being around people. He likes talking to strangers. He will go around networking if thrown in a room of unfamiliar faces. That’s his strength and that complements me. Cos I leave all the talking to him. 😜So yes we managed to catch up with some good old friends! Went to A’s condo at YCK and surprisingly the cab ride is only 15 mins!A’s Wife is a wedding planner / cook / baker so she made this amazing chocolate ganache Swiss roll. 😋 shiok ah. Ate one whole big piece cos hubby’s not a fan.