Over the weekend, we went to a friend’s place for BBQ! Haha unique way for CNY gathering – no steamboat, no lo hei, no gambling. πŸ˜…

I haven’t been in touch with this bunch since the longest time cos I haven’t been active in Scouts HQ now. And I’m not the most sociable creature lah so I was like… should I go?Hubby said yes we should go. To maintain and keep the friendship. Hubby is the extreme opposite of me. He’s the extrovert. He enjoys being around people. He likes talking to strangers. He will go around networking if thrown in a room of unfamiliar faces. That’s his strength and that complements me. Cos I leave all the talking to him. 😜So yes we managed to catch up with some good old friends! Went to A’s condo at YCK and surprisingly the cab ride is only 15 mins!A’s Wife is a wedding planner / cook / baker so she made this amazing chocolate ganache Swiss roll. πŸ˜‹ shiok ah. Ate one whole big piece cos hubby’s not a fan.

Incy wincy spider

I have 4 posts sitting in my WP draft but I haven’t got down to properly writing them! What is it about WP that makes updates so hard ah? Its like I have to properly construct them? πŸ€” guess that’s the beauty of microblogging (Dayre). If Dayre survives I think I will go back leh. I feel so fickle-minded, jumping all over the place like a jumping spider.

Which reminds me, there is a jumping spider πŸ•· living in my house!!

It’s hubby’s Best Friend hahaha.

One day, hubby was out till late for a friend’s bachelor party and I was alone at home. The jumping spider decided to jump onto my desk, and on my computer monitor omg. I was so distracted I could barely get anything done. It’s crawling all over the place. After a few minutes it jumped away to other parts of my desk. Tried my best to ignore it. Anyway spiders are good I should not kill them.

After a while I forgot its existence. 😁

All was well until I found it in the bathroom 2 days ago aiyo. I quickly told the hubby to “save his Best Friend” in case I step on it.

He caught it in his hand – which was super duper hard cos it jumps fast – and brought him “outside”. Idk where he placed it. I assumed outside the house?

A few moments later, I was near our mini garden in the living room and felt something drop on my feet. Thought it’s a fallen basil leaf or something but when I glanced down, OMG SPIDER?!

But as quickly as it landed on my feet, it jumped away.

I confronted the Husband “where did you put the spider?? How come it’s back??”

He admitted to just putting it near our mini garden. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

So now we have a spider living with us. Not sure if it’s the same jumping spider that I keep seeing? But it has to be lah. Hubby says his Best Friend isn’t poisonous and won’t bite. Okay I will leave it alone.

Was supposed to talk about WP / Dayre matters. Why did I end up talking about spiders? Lol. πŸ˜…

So ya, I still update my Dayre from time to time just because it’s more convenient?

I’m just creating trouble for myself cos I have to juggle 2 platforms. πŸ™„ oh wells.

A little encouragement for house painting

Merry Christmas Eve everybody!!! 🎁

Every Christmas Eve, I wake up thinking about mum. Lost her to cancer 10 years ago on Christmas Eve morning so I get a little emotional. I have flashbacks about all that I can remember about her and all the good about her. Then I start to miss her, thinking about all the special days in my life without her by my side. Like my 21st birthday, bringing Dennis home, wanting to marry him, our wedding, attaining my driving license, etc.

Hope you’re in an awesome place mum. Always missing you xx

Resting at home while hubby paints the new house. He kept saying it’s not tiring!! πŸ€” I wonder if he’s a mutant or something.

And my MIL is super enthusiastic. Keep asking when is the next painting session cos she wants to join in the fun.


Lucky me to have a kind, funny and understanding MIL.

Told Dennis I feel bad about it! He says it’s wife’s prerogative! 😍

Just realized I have misspelled prerogative as perogative all my life!! πŸ˜‚

I shall assume some #dayrewives duties by delivering lunch to my hardworking hubby! πŸ˜„πŸ’•

Stuff’d for lunch! With herbal tea. Was craving for Stuff’d so I bought a big box to share with hubby.

Yes I brought my own container to separate the lunch hahaha. πŸ˜…

Random ramblings #008

In the past two weeks my ring finger developed some blisters and I went to see a doctor yesterday. 

He told me it was most likely due to my wedding band since the blisters are isolated and I’ve had history of eczema and sensitive skin. The ring probably trapped soap, oil and sweat and caused skin irritation. 

Told Dennis about it and he laughed. 

Me: Doctor said I should stop wearing the ring until the skin heals. 

Him: lucky I didn’t buy you an expensive ring!! See you can’t wear your ring anyway!

Me: *rolls eyes*


Waters Family Day 2016

Went to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) today for Waters Family Day! Dennis has been with Waters for 2 years now and I’m happy he is enjoying his work there. πŸ™‚ The first Family Day event I went was in 2014 and it was held at West Coast Park (I think?) with some game booths and buffet lunch. So happy it’s at USS this year!

We completed both missions in no time and went off from the group to play on the rides. Of course Dennis made me try the ultimate roller coaster aka Battlestar Galactica. :O

Human: 45 mins waiting time
Cylon: 20 mins waiting time

Dennis: “okay let’s go to Cylon!”
Me: *trembling with fear* “no no no I cannoooootttttt!”
Dennis: “you think too much. Let’s go!” *pulls me towards the queue*


I still can’t believe I did it! Dennis kept hugging me and said he’s so proud of me and didn’t ever imagine I would ride with him.

Ok la to be fair I was screaming my hearts out and had my eyes shut 90% of the time. Hahaha. Cylon was the hanging one (scarier of the two) so I could see everything beneath my feet. After the initial drop, my heart was pounding I swear I had tears in my eyes. After a few screams I realized my voice got trapped in fear and I couldn’t make a sound. Have you experienced that before??

I could feel my body being swung left and right, even flipped 360 degrees. Oh my goodness horror story right there!!

We then went back to queue for Human which was so much fun! It’s a seated roller coaster, no 360 degrees flip, speed is much slower compared to Cylon. Managed to open my eyes throughout the ride and didn’t scream at all.

Also tried the new ride at Puss In Boots which was quite enjoyable if only they didn’t have so much stops during the ride.

Happy Family Day! πŸ™‚

Random ramblings #007

Was stirred awake and the first thing the hubby said to me was, “I’ve got a joke for you.”

In my heart I was like wtf it’s 8 in the morning and you already have a joke; did you sleep or not?!

Him: “Do you know why you always get blue-black (bruises)?”

Me: “Mhmm… why?”

Him: “Cos after marrying me you’re Ong Qin (orh-ceh)” *burst out in uncontrollable laughter*

Me: -______-

A Special Couple

Every couple is special in their own ways. I find our relationship unique because whenever I talk about us, I feel that we differ quite a bit from other couples. But I like us this way.

We only meet once a week

Dennis lives about 30 minutes drive from me. I know it’s really not that far, but he doesn’t drive. So a typical journey to my home is an hour. On weekdays we don’t see the need to meet but we maintain close communication. I’ll drop him messages throughout the day and we used to talk on the phone every night. We have so much to talk about. But since he started on his Masters programme, he needs to attend classes and work on assignments so our conversations dwindled. Because this boy can talk non-stop when we’re on the phone. =.=

We’re married but don’t live together

For now. This is quite funny. For our own convenience we choose to live separately until our new house is ready. Every day I pray that we’ll get our keys in November. I can’t wait to build our love nest together! This is something I have been dreaming of for the longest time ever. Yes, even more than walking down the aisle on my wedding day (that’s why I eventually didn’t).

We have our own hobbiesΒ 

I love crafting. He has too many. He likes tinkering with parts of a machine (like a true blue mechie), enjoys dancing, loves philosophical films. Basically stuff that bore me. We’re like opposite ends of a magnet, so different yet we come together creating a strong bond. I love how we give each other plenty of space to dabble in our interests.

People often wonder if we’re even a couple because of how independent we are. I’m amazed by us too.

It’s us against the world baby.