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Temporarily switching to Dayre because it’s more convenient to blog on the go. Well actually you can also blog on the WordPress app. But I like how short each Dayre post it – just 500 characters. And I can spam pictures hahaha. I think I’m using up my WordPress limited picture bandwidth. Yikes. 

And life is so packed with home renovation stuff + work! Times like this, I wish I can split myself. /:

My lunch kakis gave me a birthday treat today! E said that when he gets his house, he’s just gonna pay an ID $50k to settle everything for him. Maybe he got scared by all my lunch time updates – so many things to do!! But that’s just me. Dennis and I enjoy planning down to the smallest details of the house. I like, sorry I mean LOVE, choosing colours, designs, patterns. Maybe some people find it a hassle to make so many decisions. Because well there is such thing as decision fatigue. But where’s the fun when your ID does everything for you!?

So yeah. 

See you on the other side!! 🙂


Random ramblings #008

In the past two weeks my ring finger developed some blisters and I went to see a doctor yesterday. 

He told me it was most likely due to my wedding band since the blisters are isolated and I’ve had history of eczema and sensitive skin. The ring probably trapped soap, oil and sweat and caused skin irritation. 

Told Dennis about it and he laughed. 

Me: Doctor said I should stop wearing the ring until the skin heals. 

Him: lucky I didn’t buy you an expensive ring!! See you can’t wear your ring anyway!

Me: *rolls eyes*


Just a note to say

Thinking of a friend today as news reported the quake in Japan. She went to Japan on a one-way ticket a few months ago and I really admire her courage to drop everything and go. 

Many of us miss her and want her to be back home. But I reckon she has her reasons for staying there.

Sent her this motivational quote which I found on Pinterest.

And her response.

Almost teared on the way to work. I didn’t expect this.

Miss ya Cell! Always be safe xx.

Waters Family Day 2016

Went to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) today for Waters Family Day! Dennis has been with Waters for 2 years now and I’m happy he is enjoying his work there. 🙂 The first Family Day event I went was in 2014 and it was held at West Coast Park (I think?) with some game booths and buffet lunch. So happy it’s at USS this year!

We completed both missions in no time and went off from the group to play on the rides. Of course Dennis made me try the ultimate roller coaster aka Battlestar Galactica. :O

Human: 45 mins waiting time
Cylon: 20 mins waiting time

Dennis: “okay let’s go to Cylon!”
Me: *trembling with fear* “no no no I cannoooootttttt!”
Dennis: “you think too much. Let’s go!” *pulls me towards the queue*


I still can’t believe I did it! Dennis kept hugging me and said he’s so proud of me and didn’t ever imagine I would ride with him.

Ok la to be fair I was screaming my hearts out and had my eyes shut 90% of the time. Hahaha. Cylon was the hanging one (scarier of the two) so I could see everything beneath my feet. After the initial drop, my heart was pounding I swear I had tears in my eyes. After a few screams I realized my voice got trapped in fear and I couldn’t make a sound. Have you experienced that before??

I could feel my body being swung left and right, even flipped 360 degrees. Oh my goodness horror story right there!!

We then went back to queue for Human which was so much fun! It’s a seated roller coaster, no 360 degrees flip, speed is much slower compared to Cylon. Managed to open my eyes throughout the ride and didn’t scream at all.

Also tried the new ride at Puss In Boots which was quite enjoyable if only they didn’t have so much stops during the ride.

Happy Family Day! 🙂

The annual 11.11 sale!

It’s Single’s Day today! It’s quite a cute way of celebrating singlehood with massive sales all over the Internet (and even some brick-and-motar stores too!)

We bought an air fryer today! Yay to awesome deals! Thanks to my bro at work for sharing the lobang else I would have totally missed it.

Epic gan cheong spider because I was informed of the deal 15 minutes before the deal was over.

Dennis was elated because it was a best seller Phillip air fryer on Amazon, retailing at double the price!! 😀

We paid $206.04 for a Phillips HD9240 Avance Collection Air Fryer XL Black. It’s retailing at $399 at Courts online.

Took a cab after work to Dennis’ place to continue more shopping and it was a crazy bad move. One, many people are heading home to JB on a Friday night so the traffic on SLE was slower than slow. Two, I didn’t know that there is a $2.90 (excluding GST) admin charge for payment via Credit Card. Bulls!! 😦

Dennis went: “huh you didn’t know??!?”

Me: “yes because you don’t want me to take cab all the time!”


Lesson learnt. 

We spent about $577 on Taobao buying stuff for our new house! Yay!! So happy! 😀 Can’t wait to share the items when we’ve received them. Got a feeling it will take at least a month due to the high sales volume.

Did you know that Alibaba hit $1 billion in the first 5 minutes?? :O

Insane much!

Taipei, Taiwan 2015 Day 3

27th August 2015

Dumplings by the road side for breakfast!


We brought K to the clinic because she still wasn’t well. Poor girl stayed in hotel the whole of yesterday. So they don’t have polyclinic or neighbourhood clinics like we do in Singapore so we had to go to a hospital. Everything there is in Chinese. :S


Something light for brunch before doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. We were told that all morning slots were full (patients went to take Q number the day before) so we had to wait for afternoon slot.


This place serves up pretty good noodles and meatballs!

Tian Tian Li 天天利美食坊
Address: No. 4, Hanzhong St., Wan-Hua District (Ximending), Taipei City


After the check-up, we brought K back to the hotel and she fell asleep after her meds. So we went out to Wu Fen Pu (五分埔). Didn’t do much shopping there because it was drizzling so we had to dodge all the raindrops dripping from the shelters. Wasn’t a great experience.

Dinner was at… yes you guessed it – Formosa Chang. Almost everyone who goes to Wu Fen Pu will dine there.

Formosa Chang (鬍鬚張)
Directions: Take Metro to Hou Shan Pi Station, Exit 1. Walk straight along Jhongpo N. Rd. to the intersection of Jhongpo N. Rd. and Yongji Rd. It is across the street, on the right. Watch out for the yellow signboard with the logo.
Address: 533, Yǒngjí Rd, Nangang District, Taipei City, Taiwan 115 (台北永吉路 533号)


It probably was the rain or the exhaustion from too much window shopping, all 3 of us had migraine so we popped panadol together with the braised meat rice. And off we went to Rao He Night Market!

Raohe Street Night Market 饒河街觀光夜市
Directions: Take the Green Line to the terminal station Songshan (松山), exit 5. The night market entrance is just to the right across the street next to the temple. From Taipei Main Station, take any local train northbound (區間車) to Songshan Station (松山), then locate MRT exit 5.
Or, if you are already at Wu Fen Pu, just walk towards Songshan Station which takes about 5 minutes. From there you can see the temple as shown below and lots of people will be heading there so just follow the crowd!


There are more food than shopping at this night market so we ended the night pretty early.

Stay tuned for day 4! 🙂

Random ramblings #007

Was stirred awake and the first thing the hubby said to me was, “I’ve got a joke for you.”

In my heart I was like wtf it’s 8 in the morning and you already have a joke; did you sleep or not?!

Him: “Do you know why you always get blue-black (bruises)?”

Me: “Mhmm… why?”

Him: “Cos after marrying me you’re Ong Qin (orh-ceh)” *burst out in uncontrollable laughter*

Me: -______-