Questions to ponder about 

Just had my 2015 year end assessment with my manager today. Some questions:

  1. Do I want to sacrifice my time running Dancing Quinn, for time at work?
  2. Do I want to push myself at work to achieve greater results?
  3. Do I want to grab the opportunities that are presented to me at work now? And possibly have a very skewed work-life balance (or lack thereof).
  4. Is 2016 my year to shine?
  5. Do I want my work to be my main focus at this stage of my life when I’m still single and have the maximum capacity to deliver results?

All these and more questions were presented to me today. Thoughts are running wild in my head. Of course I do have some answers in my heart but not gonna blog here in case someone at my workplace is reading this. 

There are also lots of changes and challenges upcoming. I’m not sure quite sure the direction to go. Let’s just take it one step at a time! (: 


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