2016 One Little Word

After thinking long and hard, my chosen word for this year is POSITIVE!

I realized I didn’t set my OLW last year, but the year before my word was DECLUTTER. That apparently didn’t last very long, for I was once again hoarding too much supplies. But I must commend myself for really cutting down on crafty shopping! And using more, hoarding less!

This year I chose POSITIVE because I want the year to be full of all things happy. It will be a busy year because we are getting our new house, change in marital status, kor’s and a friend’s wedding, possibly quite a few baby showers, amongst the other little joys in every day. I also foresee a busier year at work so I hope I can remain positive come what may! Bosses demands might increase but I shall strive to work smart and be more efficient. 

Also for Dancing Quinn, I have thought it through and discussed with Dennis and we found our areas of focus. I will be making small changes along the way, hoping to run the business more smoothly, yet continue to create happiness for everyone! 🙂

Have you set your One Little Word for 2016? 🙂


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