Recipe: rolled oats prawn / Recipe: spinach & shiitake


It’s Sunday! Omg time passes so fast 😪 wanted to Dayre but was too tired by bedtime to do so. Lemme try to do some catch up today!


This weekend’s work out!

Woohoo I shaved 27 seconds off my previous timing!

Documenting our progress:
27 Jan // 8m 40s // 6m 36s
31 Jan // 9m 45s // 6m 31s
3 Feb // 9m 17s // 6m 03s


Static workouts and conditioning exercises. 💪🏻 told the hubs I wanna get abs hahaha. 😅 easier said than done. First I must shed off all the fats.

Or maybe just a simpler goal – do 1 pull up. That was my goal for 2017 but I didn’t track it, hence no improvement. 😕

Rewarded ourselves with prata! Yum yum.

When the hubs requested for banana pancakes, I make banana pancakes. 🥞

Can you tell I am trying to make a ❤️ heart shape? Lol. I bought an egg mould in heart shape so I thought I’d use it for pancakes too.

I wanted a plain ol’ circle mould but they didn’t have it. And the only reason why I bought was because its in grey colour! 🙌🏻


We also tried to replicate Kor’s coffee! 😉 I basically heated up some milk and frothed it using my Braun hand blender. It works!!

A bit too much work for a cup of coffee. Hahaha.

But weekends okay lah. Spend time with the hubby in the kitchen making breakfast together. Such is #marriedlife.


Doing bits of spring cleaning this weekend.

Thankful the hubby takes initiative to clean without me asking. 🙆🏻 he climbed up to all the high places and wiped all the dust away.

Like on top of our wardrobe, fridge, behind the WM, AF, BM, etc.

Times like this I’m happy we’re living in a tiny apartment. 😅

Mopped the house and wiped the edges above the skirting.


I have to admit I was a very lazy wifey. All I have done to maintain the house is laundry, change the dustbin liners, and clean both toilets. I space out the tasks so I don’t tire myself to death. But I already think it’s tiring leh!

I never used to clean the floors cos I thought Robbie was good enough.

But no.

Now I mop the floor every weekend and I see so much trapped dust at areas which Robbie can’t access.

Salute to all the housewives. 👏🏻

My MIL asked if we washed our curtains. 🙈 nope haven’t washed in more than a year. Maybe next week! This week is bedsheets first.



This week I trialled 2 dishes cos I wanna make them for reunion dinner. 😁 I’m so excited to cook for my family!

Recipe: rolled oats prawns

Supposedly healthier version of cereal prawns haha.

12 pieces prawns (medium size)
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp white pepper
1/2 egg whites from an egg
1 to 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, for pan fry
About 1/4 cup oat flour, for coating (blend from 1/4 cup old fashioned rolled oats till fine)**
1/2 cup rolled oats

**I was lazy and replaced this with plain flour. 😅

For the “sauce”:
2 tbsp butter
1 tsp vegetable oil
1 salted egg yolk, diced
3 stalks curry leaves
1 big red chili, sliced diagonally
1 tsp sugar

Recipe adapted from vivianpangkitchen!

I reduced the portion a bit cos I was only cooking for 2 – and this is just a trial version. Wanted to see if the taste can make it.

1) Prep the prawns. Remove heads and shells leaving the tail intact. Devein prawns. Marinate prawns with salt, pepper and egg whites for about 10 minutes.

**Again, I’m lazy so I use frozen peeled prawns. 😛

2) Put 1/2 cup rolled oats inside wok. Without adding any oil, pan fry the oats till fragrant and lightly brown. Dish out and set aside.

3) Heat up wok, add in vegetable oil. Dust marinated prawns with oat flour. Arrange in hot wok and cook till golden brown. Dish out and set aside.

Hmm, I think next time I shall coat with flour + egg + bread crumbs to make it crispier.

This one turned out okay but not as crispy as I would like.

4) Without washing the wok, melt butter and vegetable oil in wok.

5) Add in diced salted yolks and stir-fry on medium heat.

6) Once the yolk and butter mixture starts bubbling, add in curry leaves, sliced chilies, sugar and toasted rolled oats. Quickly stir-fry for few seconds till rolled oats are well coated, feel light and crispy.

7) Toss in cooked prawns. Mix well and serve.

I made a mistake of adding too much butter / oil. I forgot that I reduced the amount of rolled oats. So the oats ended up too “wet”. You can see it glistening with oil in the picture haha.

But it was a good first attempt!!

Taste was there 👌🏻

Things to improve on:
– Make the prawns more crispy
– Add less butter / oil
– Add more rolled oats

Spinach and shiitake mushrooms stir fry

Because I had leftover egg whites from the salted egg yolk that I used to make the above dish, and half an egg, decided to make this simple dish.

The Chinese restaurants give a fancy name and charge a lot. 😒 mine is not there yet but I shall Google for recipes and try.

I didn’t follow any recipe for this dish cos it was a last minute mix and match decision. Initially wanted to cook with oyster sauce instead.

Couple cloves of garlic
Some spinach (puay leng)
Some shiitake mushrooms
Some dried anchovies, rinsed and soaked
Salted egg white, diced
Egg, beaten

In a heated pan, add oil. Fry garlic until aromatic.

Add mushrooms and fry until semi-cooked. Add spinach.

I think it should be another kind of spinach but nvm lah since I have this type in the fridge.

Add anchovies and soaking water.

Add salted egg white.

Add beaten egg. Stir to mix everything together. Serve!

**If you have any recipes / better ways to cook this pls lemme know! ☺️ I just agar everything.

Thankfully it turned out okay! 👌🏻

Heated up some frozen ABC soup too. Hubs said this taste better overnight. 🤔 maybe because it’s been boiled twice?

Dinner 🤗


Time to bag my bread-making ingredients again!


Finally tried this Choco Loco from Hook Coffee!

We received it during Christmas. I wanted to subscribe since hubs loves coffee but idk if it’s worth the price. Now that we tried it, idk if I like it. Hubs said it tastes like Nescafe hahaha.

We’re not coffee connoisseurs so don’t take our word for it. 😚 I read lots of raves online!


Played with watercolour this weekend!! 😁



Muttons make my mornings / Mason jars from Amazon Prime

Was dozing off on the morning commute to work, listening to Muttons on radio. They are so funny lah I wish I can listen to them the whole day!!

Yesterday their topic was on “what item(s) did you get confiscated at the customs?”

And I got to know that you cannot bring meat into SG! I guess it’s some AVA regulation on dubious meat source so they don’t allow people to bring. Not even preserved meat like ham or cooked ones like bak kwa. Hmm.

J: wah we better don’t tell customs we’re muttons!


Today Vernon made a funny comment.

V: you know how people say “sexy machiam taxi”?

J: yeah all these Singlish terms to make words rhyme.

V: I have one for people who are not very good looking. “Body machiam Bay watch, face machiam cramp watch”.

V: I have one more for you mutton! You “face machiam cramp watch, body machiam whale watch!”

Hahahahahaha. So funny!!


Anyway I digressed.

I wanted to say, I was dozing off on the bus with my earpiece on. The guy seated beside me wanted to get off. So he said “excuse me” – I guess he did it a couple of times but no response from me haha. I really couldn’t hear him!!

Suddenly a lady (who was standing) tapped on my shoulder and pointed to the guy beside me.

“Oops” I said, and quickly let him alight. 😅 kuakuakua.

Omg so excited! Thanks to @/thepacartans for sharing that you can buy mason jars from Prime Now! But I didn’t know you need an Amazon prime account in order to buy from Prime Now! 😓 was reluctant to pay more subscription fees since I’m already on Ezbuy Prime and Live Up.

Plus, I was stalking Prime Now and realized the size I want (Quart) is OOS. 😭 not fated to buy.

But I never gave up.

Checked daily. 😅

They are in stock now!!

So excited and was sharing with the hubby about my #firstworldproblem of not having a Prime Now account.

And he told me his colleague has Prime Now account and it /should/ be okay for me to tumpang! Wah I was so so happy!!! 😬😬😬

Delivery is very fast as promised.

Reached his office today!


Now I got another #firstworldproblem – that is whether my drawers can withstand the weight of so many glass jars.

But nvm. If really spoil then we upgrade to Blum hahaha. 😅 I only have 1 Blum runner in my kitchen which is for a pull-out ledge to hold my air fryer and bread maker. It’s holding up very well so far!

Can’t wait for the weekend! I shall spend time cleaning and organising the kitchen! Just nice do some spring cleaning for CNY. 😄


So exhausted after work every day. 😭 this week felt especially long and dreary. The workload has not increased significantly but I’ve used up more brain cells.

Doesn’t help that hubby comes home late almost every day. 😪 I don’t blame him though, school has started and I know he wants to do as much as he can since he’s back to part-time studies now.

So funny lah he converted from PT to FT then back to PT.

🤔 is he blacklisted by the school yet? Lol.

Many shades of grey

Belated birthday treat from my colleagues! It’s nice to eat steamboat on cool days.

Though it was quite hot today. 😒 thought it will rain so I wore my Melissa’s. Maybe it will later.

Side note: I don’t find my Melissa’s comfortable. Sobs 😭 it’s SO HARD to find shoes that I can wear without giving me blisters! Those cheap #taobao ones work (cos the material is thin and soft) but hubby says I should wear better quality shoes.

Starting my New Year’s resolution by not adding sugar to my coffee! It’s not bad at all!!

I think I can get used to this. ☺️

Sharing k-Mart stuff I got for the home!

#dayrehomes #dancingquinnhome

I’d like to think of k-Mart stuff as similar to IKEA. They are all very pretty at affordable prices.

I think if I lived in Aussie, ALL MY MONEY will go to k-Mart haha.

I got these for the kitchen!!

– Silicone Wooden Turner $1.50
– Silicone Wooden Spoon $1.50
– Bottle Brush $1.50
– Mini Silicone Brush $1.50
– Charcoal Placemat $1 each

Wth the prices are insane! And they don’t feel flimsy or anything. Quite sturdy in fact!

Coasters not from k-Mart. Haha.

I bought it from Bed Bath N’ Table for $17.45. It’s kind of pricey but I haven’t stepped into k-Mart when I saw these so I had to grab first! #auntymode

They’re bamboo coasters and in a pretty light grey.

I love all the grey!!!

It’s not easy to find grey stuff. Esp kitchen cos I usually see black. Or bright bold colours like red? 🙄 I. Just. Cannot.

There are also lots of marble stuff in k-Mart which are reallyyyyyy pretty for the house.

But omg they are heavy!

I couldn’t possibly carry them back lah.

Maybe next time? 😬 I foresee frequent family trips to Aussie.

Too pretty! 😱

✅ grey seat covers
✅ grey mug
✅ grey coaster
✅ grey placemats

I have since replaced the last item because after months of use, I realise the stains on a fabric placemat is SO HARD to get rid of. 😞 now I change to the woven plastic one. Hope it’s easier to maintain!

Yole yogurt / A/C servicing 2 of 17

Whoop trying Yole which was said to replace Llao Llao.

This is their mini Ibiza.

Can choose 1 crunch, 1 fruit and 1 sauce. For $5.50.

I find that their yogurt is not as nice as llao llao. Not as creamy / milky? Taste wise also kind of bland.

Hubby said I must be biased.


Hahaha. And then I saw this news.

From Straits Times so must be true!

Many people said this is like the GCxLH incident and I think so too. But I’m just happy llao llao is coming back. I don’t eat it that often but when I crave for it, it always doesn’t disappoint. 😁


A/C maintenance

I remember we just had a maintenance scheduled in July this year and now I received an sms from Gain City again, asking for a preferred time to do maintenance. 😅

We seldom switch on our A/C so it was a mistake to buy a maintenance package from them. Hurhur.

#dayrehomes owners pls note and don’t pay $1k+ like us if you don’t use it often.

We paid about $1.5k for 5 years servicing contract for 3 fan coil units. Ours is system-3 so we have an A/C in each bedroom.

But I’m really pleased with GC’s service thus far. Their service crew is always polite and friendly.

Posted on the first maintenance here: @arohammer:230717 (WordPress post here)

Previously they only did a simple vacuuming of the A/C but this time they removed the whole casing.

And washed them.


And brought this machine to plug to the A/C. Idk what it does but I guess it helps to clean? Sounds like a vacuum cleaner when turned on.

The cleaning guy commented that our A/C are all quite clean and we shouldn’t have bought the 3 units servicing contract hahaha. 😅

So funny how their own company people say that lah. Not pushy at all so I like their service.

Kitchen storage – mason jars

Woke up with aching muscles today. Seriously!!?! 😓 whined to the hubby who’s still sleeping and he slurred “don’t bluff lah we didn’t even run that much”.

Lol! 😤👊🏻

Actually I was quite surprised because I didn’t expect to work those muscles just by running.

Trying to identify which muscles are aching.

Hmm, definitely external oblique. A bit at the rectus abdominis. And the rectus femoris.

You know Christmas is around the corner when all your colleagues start booking their long leaves.

Yippee I’m so excited for Christmas!! December is always ALWAYS my fav month of the year. Love it!! 😍

I made some soup stock yesterday! Our freezer stash was depleting already. I really love how convenient it is to whip up a quick meal when we get busy.

I followed my macaroni soup recipe. Posted here: @arohammer:041017 (WordPress post here)

Just didn’t add the macaroni.

5 bowls of soup base ready to freeze!

Usually I’ll place a packet of Udon or a serving of macaroni in a separate container. So the hubby can just throw everything in a pot, bring to boil, then ready-to-eat! Super fuss-free. 👍🏻

Red Mart delivery yesterday!

Portioned out all the meat. Slice up those chicken thigh, chicken breast, lean pork. Marinated them and into the freezer they go.

Meal planning has been extremely useful for me cos I know exactly what marinate to use and how to prepare the meat. Really save me so much time. 🤗

Third bag of veggie scraps!

I used 2 such bags to make soup stock along with 1 whole chicken carcass. So now I’m accumulating more veggie scraps. Once I fill up 2 bags I will make stock again!

#dancingquinncooks #dayrecooks

Mason jars & food saver!

So so so excited!!

I first read about this awesome storage idea from @/atthechias blog. She even showed a tutorial of how to do vacuum sealing with this!

Discussed with the hubby and he’s 💯 percent supportive of this idea! Even though it’s not cheap and I already had tons of storage containers at home.

But plus points are:

– They are made of glass hence “safer”? Compared to plastic which has lots of chemicals and not good for long term storage of food. Though not safer in terms of handling lah cos I’m so careless and am prone to breaking glasswares. 😅

– Vacuum-sealable! Which means dried goods won’t go “lao hong” that easily! Also prevents growth of mould.

– Pretty to look at. Hahahaha ok this one I ownself say. But really let me show you how pretty mason jars are!! 😍







Hahaha granted this last picture is not mason jars. But generally identical glass jars are so pretty lined up together!!

All pictures are taken from Pinterest!

#dayrehomes #dancingquinnhome

Hehe I tumpang @/thepacartans to buy them! So we can share and save on shipping. Ezbuy was giving lots of delays and problems so we waited more than 2 months for these!

I bought 6 in Pint size (16oz) and 6 in Quart size (32oz).

But it’s worth the wait! 💪🏻

I washed and used 3 immediately! Just to test them out.

The food saver vacuum is really fun! Keeps the jars air tight.

Top: pearl cous cous
Bottom: walnuts and cornflakes

I haven’t decide if they will be permanently placed on the counter top or in cabinets. 🤔 and I also can’t make up my mind what I should put in them. I seem to have a lot of stuff to put but only 12 jars to use. 😜 really #firstworldproblems

Once I settle on a method I shall update again! For now I shall play around and see what works.

Wah new version of the Xiaomi robot vacuum is coming out!!

It has mopping function!

Sounds really awesome considering the fact that we don’t mop the house as often as we should. We’re the laziest Husband and Wife duo man! 😜