Find me on Dayre!

Temporarily switching to Dayre because it’s more convenient to blog on the go. Well actually you can also blog on the WordPress app. But I like how short each Dayre post it – just 500 characters. And I can spam pictures hahaha. I think I’m using up my WordPress limited picture bandwidth. Yikes. 

And life is so packed with home renovation stuff + work! Times like this, I wish I can split myself. /:

My lunch kakis gave me a birthday treat today! E said that when he gets his house, he’s just gonna pay an ID $50k to settle everything for him. Maybe he got scared by all my lunch time updates – so many things to do!! But that’s just me. Dennis and I enjoy planning down to the smallest details of the house. I like, sorry I mean LOVE, choosing colours, designs, patterns. Maybe some people find it a hassle to make so many decisions. Because well there is such thing as decision fatigue. But where’s the fun when your ID does everything for you!?

So yeah. 

See you on the other side!! 🙂


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