BTO – Tiling in progress

Had an appointment with April at 10am. It is 10.30am and Dennis hasn’t arrived. =.= he got lost. Partly my fault cos I told him to alight at another (nearer) bus stop so he didn’t have to make a transfer and could walk to Cape directly. Google Maps pointed him in a wrong direction.

To happy news! Tiling is making good progress!

I am fascinated by tools so I go around snapping pictures.

We wanted more overlap between each tiles but tiler uncle said it will cause the tiles to warp and be uneven because we had such long tiles. We picked 92cm x 22cm tiles so the maximum overlap is 4 inches. I told uncle to randomise the overlap length because I like it like that. Haha. April said “oh this is interesting, I have to take a photo when it’s done!” She’s cute.

This is my tiler. Man with little words. He’s super humble and quiet and tiled the entire house by himself. Thumbs up!

And um, HDB your walls are warped! /: It wasn’t obvious because we didn’t notice it until the tiles are laid.

Oh and we didn’t raise any defects because there were hardly any! Are we lucky or are we just easy-going?

A teeny bit of tile peeking out at the edge. Cannot be helped because of tiles dimension vs room dimension.

Did I already mention my contractor, April, is very cute? Look at what she scribbled on MBR’s toilet bowl. She’s thoughtful like that! 🙂


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