BTO – Laying Tiles

Up bright and early today to meet our tiler!

It takes about 60 minutes to travel from Dennis’ house to Cape, while only 30 minutes from mine. Even though the distance is about the same. Poor him.

I’m so happy when I see the Cape Neighbourhood because it’s so bright white! Woohoo!

Wood-like ceramic tiles from Soon Bee Huat! I’m surprised the tiles from Spain are about the same price as those from China.

The tiler’s tool and what makes tiling so expensive! :O The new cement floor screed mandated by the government to use for all HDB. Costs us about $8k to tile the entire house, excluding kitchen, service yard, bomb shelter, and 2 bathrooms where tiles are already provided. We decided not to overlay to save some money.

So pretty!! 😀

Deciding on tiling pattern and tiling angle. Initially wanted a 20 degrees slant from the main door. Ask my engineer husband how he came up with that number. Haha. Decided against it because there will be lots of tiny triangle tiles at the edges of the walls. And thanks to my quick-thinking, future-proofing hubby – in case we need to sell the house in future, not everyone likes slanted tiles.

Bedroom next to the MBR. Looking out to beautiful white blocks. Awesome.

Instagram collage! I was fascinated by the laser level guide. Shoots a laser beam across the walls of the entire house so the tiler can make a mark on the wall. WOW! So cool!

Follow me @arohammer on Instagram for more pics! 😀

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