In search of Interior Designer (ID)

We started visiting IDs and getting quotations around May this year. I’ve put together a list of the ones we went to and the one we finally chose. Hope this helps!

Ansel Ng from 3D Innovations

Based on a friend’s recommendation and since it’s so conveniently located at Century Square, we went in for a non-obligatory discussion and requested for a quotation. At this point we are still unsure of our specific needs and are open to any good ideas that the IDs provide.

3D Innovations requested for a deposit before they provided 3D drawings. Read from this blog that you should avoid such companies so yes we heeded their advice and didn’t go ahead with 3D Innovations. I must say Ansel is really nice and patient with us, explaining the various options available. From then on, we realized that our requirements are quite simple so we decided to browse online for some inspiration.

Kyren from H20 Interior Renovation

Went on Qanvast and searched for the styles that we like. Found H2O Interior Renovation and emailed them for a quote. We didn’t meet Kyren but he did sent us a quote. After comparing, we decided his quote wasn’t competitive so we didn’t reach out to him thereafter.

Dylan Liow from Absolook

Heard many reviews about Absolook and decided to visit. Indeed they are very busy on a weekend with many customers in their office. Gave us assurance that they know what they’re doing and with big companies comes more trust. Dennis went to meet them first to get a rough quote. I went along at the second meet-up to clarify some items in the quote. And they gave us a voucher to redeem rice cooker. o.O We haven’t even signed anything with them. They are giving out lots of stuff and had contests ongoing. Seems like a fun company. They are also quite flexible in the sense that for items that we want to opt out, they will replace with something else. However the base package price doesn’t change so it’s still a little over our budget.

Shina from Direct Renovation and Design (DRD)

My colleague’s friend, Shina. Emailed her for a quote and met up with her. However we were not quite convinced with some of the things she said. Probably also due to the way she talks and lack of experience and she seems very young – in her 20’s. However they have their in-house carpenters and they all seem to know what they are doing and I trust their carpentry. We also asked to look at sample photos of the work that she has done and most of them are mock-ups / 3D drawings and not actual workmanship. Hence we decided to give it a miss.

Justin Tan from Ideal Design

Another colleague’s friend. Went to meet up with him and realized his quote is way too expensive. After all they are interior designers and very much into aesthetics of the house but we’re not too concerned with boxing up and concealing everything. Most of the works we saw are quite posh and luxurious. Not what we are going for.

Catherine Ng from Swiss Interior

Recommended by a colleague who used Swiss Interior few years back. However they have since expanded into a ID company instead of Contractor style. We spent 2 hours at their showroom and Catherine was very patient in explaining various designs to us and showed us what they could do. When wrapping things up, she actually told us that she will print out quote and asked for 20% deposit. We were quite surprised as this is our first time meeting her. We told her it is not within our budget as we are willing to forgo some items but she is not willing to remove it from the quote as “it comes in a package”. Hence we needed more time to think. Her face immediately changed. /: Decided not to discuss further as not to waste her time.

Conie from Wika Interior Design

We chanced upon this company in Dennis’ neighbourhood. Conie is super nice and friendly and made us really comfortable. She’s very honest with us and allowed us to voice our opinions while she listened. However she doesn’t seem to have any projects on hand so we are quite doubtful of the results. We actually shortlisted Conie after receiving our keys but finally decided on another company instead.

April Kam / Mr Teo from Joo Guan Huat Trading and Construction

Dennis popped by Joo Guan Huat one day after work since it was at Tradehub 21 (Jurong) and spoke to Mr Teo. He seemed to have a lot of experience and gave very good price for the things we wanted. However, I went down with Dennis on one weekend and realized his quote is not very comprehensive. I.e. he will miss out on some things and after looking at other companies’ quotes, we asked him about it and he added on to the quote. =.=

However we read online that April from Joo Guan Huat was highly recommended. So we decided to reach out to her. After receiving our keys, we were deciding between April or Conie. Decided to meet up with April since we didn’t meet her before.

We were mighty pleased!! 😀

She’s very accommodating, flexible and easy to work with. She’s very meticulous and has everything written down in the quote. She re-drafted the quote because she also admits that Mr Teo’s quote is not very clear. Haha. Furthermore she’s taking another project at Cape and has many recent projects with tons of photos to show us! Everything that we wanted to see, she has some actual pictures as reference. This further convinced us that she walk the talk. Since she’s working like a contractor, there is no “consultation fee” nor “3D drawing fee” nor “base package”.

It works on ala carte basis. Whatever we want, she will add to the quote and vice versa for things we didn’t want.

Best part – we haven’t paid the deposit but she already started working. T__T so nice!

We went to do site visit, choose tiles and confirm certain items together. When she has not taken a single cent from us. Love the trust that we have.

Highly recommended – April Kam @ 90610900.

Will blog more about our progress soon! 🙂

Can’t wait to start!


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