BTO – Choose Floor Tiles

On the day of door opening and defects checks, we actually spent the afternoon at Soon Bee Huat choosing our floor tiles. We have been to Hafary at Tradehub 21 but the selection of wood textured ceramic tiles were limited. We read online that Soon Bee Huat has more variety and indeed it was true!

The place is so big that there is a pantry area with free flow drinks. Perfect for customers to discuss some ideas with their IDs/ Contractors and slowly decide on tiles.

Types of flooring for your BTO

There are few types of flooring options including the 3 listed below. It’s best to do your homework and decide which suits your needs/ budget best.

  • Vinyl flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Ceramic tiles (also known as homogeneous tiles)

We decided on ceramic tiles because it’s easier to maintain and less harmful for crawling babies in future. Plus wood-like tiles are so pretty!! Because of the texture they are also less slippery when wet.

Selection at Hafary 


Selection at Soon Bee Huat 

Two storeys worth of pretty tiles to ogle at. I took pictures of the ones we shortlisted so it’s easier to decide. We prefer light coloured tiles so our house looks bigger. But not too white as dirt would be very obvious.

Finally decided on this! CT-Oban Silver in a really nice shade of brown. Slightly above our budget as most IDs/ Contractors will quote based on $3.20 psf tile price. Dennis said we’re going to do this once for the house so better choose something we like. We’ll have to adjust our budget for something else then! Thanks baby! 😀

Got a little scare when April went to reserve the tiles as there is insuffient stock. Omg! :O the very kind customer service lady helped to check against the reservation list and it so happened that the first customer she called up had decided to cancel the reservation. Phew!! Lady Luck was on our side! (:

Samples to bring home!

Let the renovation works begin!! 🙂


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