BTO Door Opening Day

My mum-in-law went to ask for an auspicious date and time for us to open the door to our new house so we arrived bright and early on Saturday morning.

First things first, we lighted the talisman outside the main gate to bring us good luck. And then, Dennis’ highly anticipated act of rolling the pineapple. He was so excited about it! I was more excited about the view from our living room! 😀

We did not perform any ritual of sorts but if you believe in them, you can take reference from here or here to do a door opening ceremony.

You will receive an allen key in your letterbox so make sure you follow the instructions to turn on the water supply. We tried to pry open the water points but the contractor later told us it was very difficult to do so she will help us check on that. If required, there is a water point (with tap affixed) in the service yard to test the water supply.

So so happy!!!I love that the Compassvale Cape neighbourhood is painted white and grey. Lovely neutral colours! The washrooms are thankfully in neutrals too! Otherwise I may consider to overlay the tiles. Money saved there! 😛

We also did not do a thorough defect check because our contractor will do that for us. She’s such a sweet lady and did not want to tire us out so she briefly told us what are the things she will check for and update us if she finds any major defects. We did walk around the whole house to see if anything was amiss. Also opened all windows to make sure they’re working well.

Since we are in the opt-out package, there’s really nothing much to check for. Except tiles in the kitchen, service yard and bathrooms. Looks like we will not be reporting any defects! Lucky us! 🙂

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