BTO Key Collection


Today is the day! We can barely contain our excitement. I would countdown every single day to this day, the seventeenth of November because we finally collected our keys today!

Things to prepare before key collection

1. Agree on the CPF deduction % once loan repayment kicks in. We went with 50:50. In case one party is not working, you may also choose to go for 90:10 or other splits. We also confirmed with the counter lady that you can update the change in split at a later stage with no admin fee. Phew!

2. Bring enough cash or ensure sufficient money in your bank for Nets payment. You will only need to pay for 2 items:

$5.50 for Fire Insurance. $61.50 for Service and Conservancy Charges. The SC/CC differs from each town council. Ours belong to Pasir Ris-Punggol and the charges are all reflected on their website.

3. Print a copy of your Appointment Letter if you did not receive via post. Go to MyHDB Page > log in via Singpass > My Flat > Application Status > New Flat > click on Reg. No.

4. Bring original Marriage Certificate and both parties NRIC!

Key collection day

1. Buy Fire Insurance

It was previously at level 2 but there are some renovation works at HDB Hub now so the Fire Insurance counter is at level 1. Just walk past all the sales counters and it’s right at the end. Look out for the very small sign that says eTiQa.


Payment of $5.50 by Nets. Here’s the insurance premium that I managed to take a photo of. This covers basic walls or structural damage during a fire. We didn’t opt for additional coverage and the counter lady didn’t elaborate much as well. I guess 99.99% of the population just purchased the basic one.


2. Open an Account with Singapore Power Services

This is quite straightforward. Just go to SP Services office at level 2 and let them know you wish to open an account. One person will be the account holder. We waited for about 20 minutes but it may take up to 1 hour if the office is crowded. Do factor some buffer time. No payment is required. The $100 deposit will be reflected in your first utilities bill!

3. Get a queue number

After you are done with the above, proceed to get a queue number from the Self Service kiosks located at level 1.

You will spend about 1 hour signing all the documents and listening to the counter lady explain the meaning of each document. Ask her any questions you may have; especially if you are unsure of HDB loan, CPF, interest rates, etc. Just clarify any doubts.

And… here we are. Proud owners of a humble unit at Compassvale Cape. I can’t believe that I will be moving to Sengkang after all my life living in Tampines. But first, renovation works to kick off after our defects checks.

Our counter lady, Grace Chia was very patient in explaining everything and even asked if we would like a photo taken at the feature wall. Thanks Grace!



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