TP test – second attempt

FML I failed again.


On hindsight, it was quite silly of me to book my second TP test just after my first one, thinking that I want to get it over and done with as quickly as possible.

First TP test: 17th Sep 2016

Second TP test: 12th Oct 2016

I didn’t have any lessons in between the test dates so everything was based on memory.

On my second TP test, I actually freaked out at the warm-up session (1 hour before the test) because I strike kerb when doing parking. But I got lucky with a friendly tester. He was jovial and asked me to relax as he could see I was really tensed even before I started driving.

Major mistake 1: strike kerb again! 😦 What’s with me and kerbs? Actually I did quite well for all the courses, until I reached parallel parking. I also managed to park successfully. However when I was trying to adjust the vehicle such that it’s in the middle of the lot, I reversed a tad too much and striked kerb. I didn’t even realize I striked kerb because I was moving soooo slowly! I thought it was the car vibrating. =.=

Major mistake 2: didn’t slow down at traffic light, instead I sped up! /: I’m one crazy student. Haha. The tester was commenting that I was going too slow at all the junctions so I sped up at one of them. And that’s when the light turned red. And I was already jutting into the pedestrians’ way. DAMMIT!

And I thought I could get my license before my Korea minimoon and drive around in Korea.

Looks like it’s a blessing in disguise because I’m still a reckless noob! /:

Gonna take a little break. Book some lessons. Refresh my memory. Face my instructors again. I think they’re gonna laugh at me when they see me. When I’m ready I will go for my test again! #staypositive



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