Waters Family Day 2016

Went to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) today for Waters Family Day! Dennis has been with Waters for 2 years now and I’m happy he is enjoying his work there. šŸ™‚ The first Family Day event I went was in 2014 and it was held at West Coast Park (I think?) with some game booths and buffet lunch. So happy it’s at USS this year!

We completed both missions in no time and went off from the group to play on the rides. Of course Dennis made me try the ultimate roller coaster aka Battlestar Galactica. :O

Human: 45 mins waiting time
Cylon: 20 mins waiting time

Dennis: “okay let’s go to Cylon!”
Me: *trembling with fear* “no no no I cannoooootttttt!”
Dennis: “you think too much. Let’s go!” *pulls me towards the queue*


I still can’t believe I did it! Dennis kept hugging me and said he’s so proud of me and didn’t ever imagine I would ride with him.

Ok la to be fair I was screaming my hearts out and had my eyes shut 90% of the time. Hahaha. Cylon was the hanging one (scarier of the two) so I could see everything beneath my feet. After the initial drop, my heart was pounding I swear I had tears in my eyes. After a few screams I realized my voice got trapped in fear and I couldn’t make a sound. Have you experienced that before??

I could feel my body being swung left and right, even flipped 360 degrees. Oh my goodness horror story right there!!

We then went back to queue for Human which was so much fun! It’s a seated roller coaster, no 360 degrees flip, speed is much slower compared to Cylon. Managed to open my eyes throughout the ride and didn’t scream at all.

Also tried the new ride at Puss In Boots which was quite enjoyable if only they didn’t have so much stops during the ride.

Happy Family Day! šŸ™‚


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