The annual 11.11 sale!

It’s Single’s Day today! It’s quite a cute way of celebrating singlehood with massive sales all over the Internet (and even some brick-and-motar stores too!)

We bought an air fryer today! Yay to awesome deals! Thanks to my bro at work for sharing the lobang else I would have totally missed it.

Epic gan cheong spider because I was informed of the deal 15 minutes before the deal was over.

Dennis was elated because it was a best seller Phillip air fryer on Amazon, retailing at double the price!! 😀

We paid $206.04 for a Phillips HD9240 Avance Collection Air Fryer XL Black. It’s retailing at $399 at Courts online.

Took a cab after work to Dennis’ place to continue more shopping and it was a crazy bad move. One, many people are heading home to JB on a Friday night so the traffic on SLE was slower than slow. Two, I didn’t know that there is a $2.90 (excluding GST) admin charge for payment via Credit Card. Bulls!! 😦

Dennis went: “huh you didn’t know??!?”

Me: “yes because you don’t want me to take cab all the time!”


Lesson learnt. 

We spent about $577 on Taobao buying stuff for our new house! Yay!! So happy! 😀 Can’t wait to share the items when we’ve received them. Got a feeling it will take at least a month due to the high sales volume.

Did you know that Alibaba hit $1 billion in the first 5 minutes?? :O

Insane much!

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