Wedding gifts

Thank you my dear meimei at work for the delicious cookies and sweet body lotion!


Thank you dear friend E for sending this all the way from Germany!

Thank you dearest sis M for the sweet surprise. I feel super touched and loved when I receive handmade gifts because they are so thoughtful! Definitely going up on display in my new home.

Thank you my ex-Neighbour at work for the cute pillows! This shall be a constant reminder to Dennis.

Thank you my new Neighbour at work who gave me 2 Craftholic plushies. I have not removed them from the vacuum bags so I’ll post photos next time!

Not to mention my beloved Shingzers for putting together Hen’s night for me in Bangkok and sponsoring my tickets and hotel. And even arranging balloons to be delivered to my wedding actual day. I feel really guilty for not inviting you girls but thank you for being understanding. I definitely do not deserve such awesome friends so I am very blessed indeed.


Oh ya gift vouchers from dear AK family. Thank you guys! It was a great mishmash of joyous occasions from our low-key wedding to Sab’s birthday and Cass’ housewarming. Cutie Caitlin even smiled for the camera! 😀


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