BTO – We Got The Message!!

Okay we are super excited because we just received The SMS from HDB. The one we’ve been patiently waiting for, for the past 3.5 years. The day is finally announced! We were scheduled to collect our keys on 22nd November!!


*jumps around in joy*

Yeah you wouldn’t believe I almost shouted in the office ladies cubicle hahaha. 

It’s one week since we received that happy news. And we’ve also changed the appointment date to 17th November, because we’re excited like that.

We also shortlisted our IDs/ Contractors. It’s down to the last 2 so we’ll meet them this week to ask some final questions before we decide who we prefer. I’ll do a separate blog post on that.

Meanwhile I’m losing sleep over looking at pretty appliances. Omgomgomg! I can’t believe I can finally have a say to all the things I want or do not want in my house. I grew up without much freedom to choose because most of the stuff were decided by my parents. I felt stifled in my family; yet lack the courage to speak up.

So yay I am so happy! 😀

I’m drooling over kettles. Can you believe it?

I even told Dennis I’m willing to sacrifice my birthday present this year for a pretty kettle. You must think I’m crazy but wait, look at these!!!




Aren’t they all so gorgeous??!?!?

They are all on my Pinterest board so check them out for links and credits.


2 thoughts on “BTO – We Got The Message!!

  1. Hey girl, just wanna check with you when was your initial probable completion date? And were all the plants/ trees already planted when you receive your HLE letter? Thanks! Happy for you! Anxiously waiting for my keys!

    • Hello Kah Yih! Initial probable completion date was Q4 2016, then updated to end October 2016! (: hmm yeah actually the greeneries were up quite early so it’s hard to gauge based on that. Which development is yours? (:

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