A Special Couple

Every couple is special in their own ways. I find our relationship unique because whenever I talk about us, I feel that we differ quite a bit from other couples. But I like us this way.

We only meet once a week

Dennis lives about 30 minutes drive from me. I know it’s really not that far, but he doesn’t drive. So a typical journey to my home is an hour. On weekdays we don’t see the need to meet but we maintain close communication. I’ll drop him messages throughout the day and we used to talk on the phone every night. We have so much to talk about. But since he started on his Masters programme, he needs to attend classes and work on assignments so our conversations dwindled. Because this boy can talk non-stop when we’re on the phone. =.=

We’re married but don’t live together

For now. This is quite funny. For our own convenience we choose to live separately until our new house is ready. Every day I pray that we’ll get our keys in November. I can’t wait to build our love nest together! This is something I have been dreaming of for the longest time ever. Yes, even more than walking down the aisle on my wedding day (that’s why I eventually didn’t).

We have our own hobbies 

I love crafting. He has too many. He likes tinkering with parts of a machine (like a true blue mechie), enjoys dancing, loves philosophical films. Basically stuff that bore me. We’re like opposite ends of a magnet, so different yet we come together creating a strong bond. I love how we give each other plenty of space to dabble in our interests.

People often wonder if we’re even a couple because of how independent we are. I’m amazed by us too.

It’s us against the world baby.


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