Random ramblings #006

Upon returning from our minimoon.

Me: hey we need to quickly get our baggages and get a taxi before 6am. Otherwise there is peak hour surcharge.

D: huh… Before 6am you get midnight surcharge you know?

Me: no no, midnight is from 5pm to midnight.

D: *rolls eyes* hello!!

Me: really lah, I just googled it! *shows him my mobile screen*

And realized that as I scroll down I see “midnight surcharge from midnight to 5.59am at 50%, peak hour surcharge from 6am to 9.30am at 25%”

Me: eh eh eh! How come!?

D: you never take cab meh?? You don’t know got midnight surcharge??

Me: you always ask me to take public transport to save money what.. Always tell me not to take taxi *sad face*

D: waaaahhhhh! O.o

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