Facial Cleanser

I am so sad Ettusais moved out of Singapore. Love quite a few of their products.

I didn’t thought I’d need to stock up on their facial cleanser but I recently used up my last bottle and frantically googled “best facial cleanser singapore”.

This Her World Plus article came up first and first on the list was Bifesta cleanser. I was like, oh wow so convenient because I can buy Bifesta from Watsons.

I bought this.


Used it for more than a week now and I’m not used to it. Doesn’t leave my skin feeling clean. 😦

Went out and bought Clean and Clear. Those typically cleanser we use in Secondary School days. But… it’s just not the same. Oh my gosh.

Never thought I would miss a facial cleanser so much. Hahahaha.


Oh!!! Apparently qoo10 seems to have it. Shall check it out. Or maybe use Airfrov or something. #allisnotlost


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