Driving lessons 34 to 35

Lesson 34

My last lesson with Mr K today. He is in a much lighter mood today. Very unlike his usual self. He said he’s happy because I am finally going to take my TP test. He wished me all the best and reminded me to be a safe driver when I am driving outside. Never ever be careless and negligent. He sounds like an old grandpa but I know he has his students wellbeing at heart. He’s a good teacher! 🙂 All the best Mr K. May you always be a kind teacher no matter what others say!

Lesson 35

My last lesson today with Mr A. Super disappointed with myself because we did a mock test and I accumulated 44 points + 1 immediate failure. Gosh. So demoralized.

At the start of the lesson, Mr A was his jovial self and I told him to be strict and stern with me as I wanted to treat it like a real test. I guess I got really nervous when he stopped smiling and behaved like a real tester omg! /:

First station in the circuit was vertical parking and I accumulated 30 points already because I strike kerb thrice. FML! T__T

Mr A got a huge scare because he knew I could drive and park properly. So he was really surprised when I didn’t do my correction for vertical parking and went ahead to strike kerb, thrice. Until I exceeded the time limit (3 mins) and he asked me to move on to the next station which is S course. Immediately my heart sank. Usually I turn too early so I thought I wanted to try delaying my turn so that I can park in 1 try.

Big mistake to “try” something different during test!! Don’t ever attempt that! Thankfully it is just a mock test.

And because I over-delayed my turn, I panicked and did not know how to react for such correction.

In S course, I tried my best to go slow and not strike any kerb. I was going smooth until I reached the end of the course, I didn’t manage to control my brake and overshot the ‘give way’ line. So my car was halfway in the first lane. For such obstruction of traffic I was given an immediate failure. Sigh pie. ):

Then I went on to slope station where I made my 2 usually mistakes.

  1. Didn’t pull handbrake fully up. Guess next time I should really pull until I can’t hear the click anymore.
  2. During move off, I kind of subconsciously release my accelerator. So without power, my car rolled back. :O need to remind myself not to make such mistakes during test day.

The rest of the circuit stations went well for me. Crank course, directional change, parallel parking and e-brake.

My only issue was that I took road safety for granted. Didn’t check for Blindspots when turning.

Most of my points were accumulated in circuit. For test route, I did pretty well with only 4 points. 2 for incorrect braking technique (which I don’t remember committing) and 2 for moving off in wrong gear.

Oh wells, can only hope for the best! *fingers crossed*


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