Auto Driving Lesson

Had my mandatory auto driving lesson and it was a little… Umm… Boring :p

I didn’t have the mindset that it would be boring but my instructor Mr Roger Tay kept telling me that. So I got brainwashed into thinking it’s really boring and ended the lesson 20 minutes earlier. Hahaha.

Reaction and response 

It’s a directional change circuit station but the difference is that you need to mount kerb and stop the car before it hits the pole. Since it is not tested, Mr Tay demo once and I tried for myself. It was quite easy, just follow exactly what the instructor tells you to do. Haha.

Slope / gradient 

Exactly the same as manual car just that you don’t have to bother about the clutch. I tried it once and the Instructor said, ok good now let’s drive outside. Super quick!

Spent the next 30 minutes or so driving outside. It was quite relaxing because no need to change gear. Haha. Even during overtake it was quite smooth until I changed a little too fast and instructor told me to slow down. 😛 easy to do U-turns as well. Mr Tay asked if I was bored, I replied a little. Haha. He said we could end the lesson early if I wanted too. Yay! There goes 1x auto lesson! (:

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