Hanoi Day 7

1st May 2015

It’s a relatively quiet day for Hanoi today. We soon realized it’s a public holiday (Independence Day holiday) and most of the shops aren’t opened. Bummer! 😦

We still managed to try some of the must-eat on our list!

We initially wanted to join a food tour but finally decided against it because we are small eaters and would definitely not finish all the food. Which would be a waste. Furthermore we could try way more dishes for the same amount of money.


First stop – my fav freshly baked bread. If I could only choose 1 type of food in the world, it would most probably be any sort of bread – baguettes, croissants, subway sandwich, toast. You name it, I want it. Haha.


Unfortunately it smells way better than it tastes. Can skip!


Next – glutinous rice! This stall is famous so do try it here!


Had to get some coffee, especially Dennis who’s a coffee addict! πŸ˜›


The egg coffee is so good! We came back for seconds! πŸ™‚


We saw many locals having this dessert so we went in. The seats are awkward. Imagine 2 rows of red stools against the walls. We sat down, told the lady ‘1’ and was served this cup shortly.


Che Xoi Che? Not sure how to pronounce that or what it meant. But it tasted like ice kachang without the shaved ice. Quite a refreshing dessert! I love that they gave lots of lotus seeds.

Next – Banh Cuon.


Steamed rice rolls. Something like our Chee Cheong Fun. I’m not a fan of that dish but I like the dipping sauce that’s served with this dish.


Dennis enjoying a VND 5,000 beer (approx. SGD 0.30). There are a few chairs outside a provision shop and you pay 5K to get cold beer (probably low quality) dispensed out of a huge barrel.


Some durian smoothie dessert which was crazily overpriced! 😦 Never go to this shop – Hong Smoothies Fruit Juices at 39 Hang Manh.


Bun Cha for dinner. I think this is one of my favourite food!! I love the fried pork spring rolls and unlimited herbs and veg!



Ended off the night with supper – Cha Ca La Vong. Indeed a very foodie-licious day! πŸ˜€



This restaurant can be a little hard to find. There are also other restaurants selling this grilled fish but we reckon this should be the best. When you enter the place it seemed like you have entered into someone house. Not to worry, just take the stairs on your left and you will be greeted by lots of patrons and the smell of grilled fish. Please try if you can! πŸ™‚



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