Odd dreams

It’s strange. I have dreams that are so vivid and real that I wake up remembering all the details from the dream. And then sometimes wonder if it was indeed just a dream.

Had 2 big dreams recently.

The first one was about my ROM which is happening this weekend! I must have been thinking too much about it. I dreamt that my JP didn’t turn up for the event and when sis M and I finally contacted him, he turned out to be a pervert.


It was so crazy.

When he responded to our Whatsapp message, he commented that sis M and I are looking “really pretty and sexy” because we posted some photos on Facebook. WTS! And so we skipped the solemnisation because there was no JP and proceeded with the dinner. Halfway through the dinner, someone stood up and wanted to give a speech. After he/she was done, another person stood up and began his/her speech. And then a third person stood up to speak.

OMGWTFBBQ is this some kind of Q&A session?!

By then many people were getting up to leave the dinner because it became too long-winded. At the end of it all, sis M, Dennis and I heaved a sigh of relief and plonked down on a couch. Suddenly I exclaimed “omg we haven’t do the tea ceremony!”

Dennis went, “oh ya, you’re right…”

And my alarm rang. =.=

Second dream was… we finally got keys to our BTO! Yay to new home! But guess what? We actually bought some sort of new concept BTO where it looks like those standard high rise flats, but as you enter the neighbourhood it transforms into a “green” home.

Our houses are kampong style, made of straw and leaves. The entire neighbourhood is filled with lush greenery, a river flowing right through the center, and a little boat to ferry people to and from their homes! Our house is small but very cosy. Lots of rugs and cushion in the house to make it comfortable.

But I told Dennis, it would be very dark when I get home every night and the street lights are dim (so as not to disturb the natural habitat) so I don’t feel safe. To which he replied “don’t worry there is no crime in our neighbourhood – everyone’s very nice!”

And then I woke up.

Silly dreams.


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