Hanoi Day 6

30th April 2015

Finally after 2 nights on the cruise, we are heading back to Hanoi today! πŸ˜€ I was secretly happy as it was getting a little too bored on board.


After breakfast, we transferred to a little boat which brought us to Sung Sot Cave.


Oh the horror! I hate crowds. 😦


The cave was meh. Really. It would be better if there was a guide explaining to us the different formations and what’s so special about it. Else, we were just trudging along with the crowd.


Also saw some fisher(wo)man selling their morning catch! So interesting because they hoist a little basket up with the seafood and in return, you drop your money in the basket for them! πŸ™‚


Back to the cruise and packed our belongings. Settled our alcoholic bill. πŸ˜› Actually 8 drinks for USD 32 is very affordable!


The chef entertained us enroute Hanoi – with his awesome food carving skills. Check out this gorgeous swan! πŸ˜€


Howdy! We’re back to the bustling streets of Hanoi! This view captured from the rooftop of our hotel.


First stop – beef pho. Dennis and I have been searching high and low for beef pho. Quite the irony as you would expect this local dish to be in abundant.


This famous no frills shop. Yums! Beef pho with fried dough fritters.


Second stop – we researched that eel vermicelli (Mien Xao) is good in Hanoi and found this shop.



A little disappointing. I guess Singapore has too much good food. It’s really quite hard to beat!

Dessert time! Huge language barrier for us because most of the menu are in Vietnamese. We just pointed to what someone beside us was having and ordered the same.


Strange. It came with a bowl of crushed ice. We were wondering what to do with it? (a) use it to wash your hands? (b) put your bowl in the ice to cool it down? (c) put crushed ice into your bowl of fruits and ice cream? Which would then turn your ice cream into a pile of creamy mess? Hmmm.


As we walked back to our hotel, we noticed many people walking towards the City Center. And then we realized, it is Vietnam Independence Day on April 30th (today!) Also known as Liberation Day. Wow!

All the congestion because everyone is rushing to the City Center.


The hotel staff told us that we should go catch the fireworks at the City Center. For a while we were contemplating to do just that! Soak up the atmosphere. After all it was a pleasant coincidence that we were there on Independence Day.

But the hotel air-conΒ won our hearts. We are not quite the party-goers. /:

Camping at the rooftop while waiting for fireworks to start. Hehe.



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