Wedding Invites

By now it would be rather obvious that I’m a big Taobao fan. Haha. I almost always think of Taobao first whenever something pops up in my To-Buy list.

So it’s no surprise that I ordered my wedding invites from Taobao too. Even though some say it’s cheaper in JB. But the lazybones in me preferred to order with just a click of a few buttons instead of taking a train to JB.

I bought them from seller: 钻雅家居专营店, after chancing upon this design on Pinterest. So pretty!! Dennis loved it too! 😀


Item URL:
Price: S$1.20 each (inclusive of international shipping and local delivery)

I only ordered 40 pieces because we are not inviting many guests. It’s a family-only dinner.

But it was not a totally smooth transaction because I wanted them to print the inside card the way I designed. I dropped them an email but they responded with a template for me to fill in the details. It was all in Chinese OMG! 😦

For the life of me, my Chinese sucks big time!

I filled up the said template and they sent me a draft. Horror story! The draft was ridiculously fugly!!

I think their computers don’t have nice fonts so they gave me some hideous fonts. After exchanging a few emails, I gave up. Decided to go ahead with the ugly print and rectify them later myself.


I am not lying when I said the fonts are horrible! 😦

And it’s printed on some cheap quality papers.

AND it’s in black & white instead of coloured.


But the sleeves are very pretty though!! 😀


It’s oriental looking enough to appease the elders me thinks! 😀 And the design is quite special too!

They also included red envelopes and gold seal stickers.


So my very helpful brother decided to help me design the inner card. He’s a creative/ visual designer so he’s really good at it. Thank you so much bro!!! 😀

Went through many ideas and variations!


I quite like the hugeass flower design but the white lines would peek through from the sleeves so it’s a no-no!

My final chosen design! 😀


We sent it for printing at Ling Image.

Ling Image
Address: 420 North Bridge Road #01-03 North Bridge Centre
Contact: +65-63381243

But before that, we bought the papers from Fancy Papers, since Ling Image allowed us to print on our own papers below 300gsm.

Fancy Papers
Address: 420, North Bridge Road #01-26 North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727
Contact: +65-63366132

50 shades of white.


We didn’t know how the printing shop was going to align our print so we bought way too much paper. Each A4 paper was eventually sliced into 3. But it’s okay because I can use it for my Dancing Quinn shop too! 😛

Our invites fresh from the print shop!


With the sleeves.


They look so pretty tucked in too! 😀


Total cost of our wedding invites:
40 x sleeves = $48
14 x inner cards = $3.50
2 x test print cards = $0.50
Printing and cutting services = $52.60
Total = $104.60

Each invite = $2.60

I think it’s reasonable considering that I got to fully customise the inner card + print full colour + double-sided. I didn’t show the reverse page because it’s just the address, directions and RSVP details.

Mighty pleased with it! 🙂


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