We found our Wedding Bands

Yay! So happy that we got another item checked off our to-do list!😀

Earlier this year we decided to check out wedding bands just to see the designs available and price range. Got a few brochures and name cards and kind of shortlisted a few but didn’t discuss it further.

We were at Causeway Point for dinner and randomly decided to go look at rings again and after hours of walking around, trying on ring after ring, had dinner, etc.. We finally committed and bought mismatched rings! I love that our rings are like our personalities. Different yet alike in many ways. Dennis loves his food spicy, while I can’t take the littlest spice. He’s an extrovert, while I love being alone at my craft desk. He dabbles in street dance, various art forms, loves music, while I try very hard to appreciate them. He’s a big risk taker and thrives in spontaneity, while I can’t stand not having a to-do list to start off my day. But we also enjoy many things together – like going camping, enjoying the outdoors, volunteering at the Scout Association, sometimes potatoing in front of the monitor and watching senseless funny videos, very rarely whip up a nice dish, exploring hidden gems on our sunny island, attempting DIY projects and see who does it better, and the list goes on… So mismatched rings couldn’t be more perfect!😀

Tip #1: go ring hunting at least 4-5 months before your big day in case you need to customise the size or have laser engraving on the inside. Dennis has extremely slim fingers for a guy and we didn’t have enough time for customisation so we could only opt for re-size.

TianPo Jewellery

First shop we went into because of the big SALE word at the entrance haha. There was a discount if you use certain credit card. Tried on a few designs and shortlisted one – Hearts on Fire series, model AR0200 and AR0201. The salespeople usually don’t allow you to take photos (no idea why) and I can’t find pictures online. It’s a very simple design with a groove across the middle and a diamond at the center. We were served by Christine Kwek, who was very friendly and approachable.

Tip #2: ask the salespeople to write the model number and price of the rings that you have shortlisted. Usually they will write on their namecard. After that I also like to roughly write short notes or sketch out how the rings look. Else I cannot remember after looking at hundreds of designs.😛

Goldheart Jewellery

We saw something similar to TianPo here. Models 23079 and 23078. Just that the groove across the middle is more wavy. It is usually not allowed to take photos of the rings (not sure why? Perhaps for copyright reasons) so I can only find something similar online.


Dennis saw a matt rose gold one and immediately fell in love with it! I could tell he’s super excited and really love it. So we KIV-ed that too. We were served by Wayne Mok who’s very patient no matter how many times we tried on and removed the rings haha.

Lee Hwa Jewellery

We were served by Gary and our first impression were “woah he’s a real good salesman!” By that we don’t mean he’s good at selling, but he was very professional asking enough questions to get us going about what kind of rings we liked. Not pushy at all and not in a hurry to close the deal. Made us really comfortable by giving us enough options (not too many till we’re lost) and briefly talked about his opinion on each ring so as to help us make a better decision. He’s also very well-groomed and very polite. Thumbs up!!

Since Dennis really loved the rose gold one, it was my hunt for a rose gold ring too.

Shortlisted this model 36886 from Destinee collection.


After browsing a few other shops, we came back again and this time I told Gary I wanted a cross design ring because I saw a few cross designs at other shops and quite like them. I flipped the catalogue and saw this model 38139 from Affiniti collection but they didn’t have the physical ring at the shop so I couldn’t try.


Poh Heng Jewellery

They have very limited designs, and their signature is Cherish collection. It was too plain for our liking. Christine Ting was very cheerful and friendly and one of the few to congratulate us, and wished us a smooth preparation. So nice!😀

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 8.37.59 pm

Soo Kee Jewellery

Jerome Ang was a really polite and humble gentleman who served us. My initial pick was DW542B. He even allowed us to take a photo! Picked a thin one because I feel that my finger is quite short (plus I have short nails) so I don’t think thick rings look nice on me. The matching groom ring was a simple rose gold one. But Dennis still preferred the matt gold one! KIV first.


SK Jewellery

Not to be confused with Soo Kee =.= Last stop for the evening and was super turn off by the sales person, Joey. There were 2 other couples looking at wedding bands when we entered the shop. Joey saw us but didn’t even bothered to serve us. Dennis and I squeezed in between the 2 couples just to see the range of designs they have. Nothing too fancy and we picked 3 designs to try. After we tried on the first pair, we removed it and went to put on the second pair. Without asking, Joey went to keep the first pair. As if we would steal the rings if they were placed on the table?!

Out of the 3 pairs, we asked her to write down the model of the one we were most keen in. She seemed reluctant to do so! Now I can’t even tell what she scribbled – her writing is barely legible. Tsk!

I stomped out of the shop and Dennis was behind. Once out of the shop I immediately told Dennis we’re not ever going back to SK again. Haha. #badservice #suchaturnoff

After visiting all 6 shops, Dennis was settled on his matt rose gold one from Goldheart. So we decided to finalise mine. Went back to Soo Kee, thinking I’ll buy the one I took photo of. Jerome was busy so another guy served us. He was very nice and friendly too and he commented that the ring was too thin. It doesn’t stand out and it will be the only accessory I’m wearing so he recommended a few other designs keeping in mind the kind I liked.

He brought out a really sweet one which Dennis and I went “wah nice!” in unison. Heh. Tried it on and really loved it! Plus it has an additional diamond on the top which will match his ring which also has a diamond. This boy is so funny – I seldom see guys who will go for rose gold PLUS with diamond! :O

And with that settled on our rings! Total damage was $2,287! Will share photos when we collect them!🙂


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