Falling into place

Yes it all is.

We are only about 2 weeks away from the big day. Actually I’m more excited about our minimoon than the ROM.

I shall not write too much about my family/ relatives/ or anything too personal because this is after all, a public social media platform. It’s not like things would turn sour if my relatives read my blog. Honestly I doubt it could get any worse. But I just want to give them due respect since we are all part of one big family. I just want the day to go smoothly.

I’m planning the seat arrangement and just told my brother I haven’t confirmed where he is sitting as his girlfriend will be attending too, so they can’t be at the main table (aka red table).

Seriously I don’t get why the main table should only be reserved for elders, and/ or immediate family members.

It is part of the Chinese culture to respect the elderly yada yada but not all elders deserve our respect.

That aside. I just want to say that my Brother is very dear to me. He is my only sibling and despite his shortcomings, I love him a lot. I would most definitely want him and his Girlfriend at the main table but I don’t have a say in this.


Anyway, my Brother is an introvert and I know he has compromised a fair bit because of my upcoming wedding. I was honestly surprised at some of the things he did (or didn’t do). I’m thankful for that.

But he just said to me very bluntly, “if you put me in table xxx then I will not go.”

I know he must hate and dread it so he said such stuff.

Truth is, it hurts.

We humans are greedy. We always wish for a little more. Like I am wishing he is a little more understanding.

Okay, on to more positive stuff.

  • Guestlist – checked
  • ROM venue – checked
  • JP – checked
  • MUA – checked
  • Wedding car – checked
  • Bride and groom attire – checked
  • Book a hotel – checked
  • Plan a Honeymoon Minimoon – checked
  • Rings – checked
  • Facial – checked

Phew, that’s quite a list for a “simple” wedding eh. Pending items…

  • Write our vows
  • Drop by ROM
  • Assign seats
  • Nails

Hmm, what else? /:


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