Introverts are selfish!?

I was doing the dishes with Dennis the other day and were on the topic of introverts. Sometimes we can talk for hours. It’s amazing we found each other. 🙂

Then he sent me this article a few days later.

The focus was on the last paragraph where the author concluded that introverts just care more about themselves than others.

Somehow I can relate to that. I’m an introvert too (ISFJ). But only 25% leaning towards introversion. That’s why some people tell me I look like an extrovert. I enjoy hanging out with people I feel comfortable with. Some say I’m sociable (but I beg to differ as I can never be a conversation starter).

Most of the time I reject social gatherings because I cannot be bothered to socialise with that group, or other tasks take priority. Usually tasks that are inclined towards my own comfort. Like staying home so I can finish my chores, or having that crazy urge to craft!

Anyway, I digressed. The point is, the author offered an interesting view about introverts who use “I’m an introvert so you won’t see me at your party” as a legit reason to excuse themselves to skip events they don’t like to attend. So I guess it means they care more about themselves than others.


Food for thought.

Happy Friday! 🙂

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