Pre-Wedding Photoshoot – Taobao Loots

Hi friends! I’ve collated the list of items I bought from Taobao for my pre-wedding shoot in Perth. Hopefully you find useful! Oh gosh I just realized I haven’t blogged about that too. Shall blog about it soon!

*All prices are inclusive of shipping to Singapore and local delivery.

For Her

Bride’s gown (formal)
  • URL:
  • Price: S$127

Super gorgeous piece and the quality is really good as well!


Bride’s accessories (tiara, necklace, earring set)
  • URL:
  • Price: S$12


Bride’s accessories (floral crown)
  1. URL:
  2. Price: S$11

I also bought another one with bigger white flowers but thought this looks nicer so I didn’t even used the other one.


For Him

Groom’s suit
  • URL:
  • Price: S$79

Fits him perfectly!


Groom’s accessories (suspenders)
  • URL:
  • Price: S$4


Bow ties
  • URL:
  • Price: S$1

(No actual picture because we didn’t end up using it)

Photoshoot accessories

DIY paper pom poms
  • URL:
  • Price: S$1 each

(No actual picture because we didn’t end up using it)

DIY paper tassels
  • URL:
  • Price: S$2 each

(No actual picture because we didn’t end up using it)

DIY flower garland
  • URL:
  • Price: S$7

(No actual picture because we didn’t end up using it)

Man-made baby’s breath bouquet
  • URL:
  • Price: S$2

It would be better if you can buy real fresh flowers locally at your photoshoot location. We didn’t thought of that. Honestly Perth wouldn’t be short of beautiful flower bouquets to be used in photos. This baby’s breath is too fake for our liking. The green is too bright and doesn’t blend well with our bohemian theme. Thankful for editing to tone down the colours a bit! 🙂


Man-made hand bouquet
  • URL:
  • Price: S$10

Came very nicely packaged in bubble wrap. Fake flowers ftw cos they last forever! 😛 For hand bouquet I think it’s ok for fake flowers cos the colours go quite well. But my preference would still be to go with real flowers if possible! 🙂


And that’s the end of my Taobao loots. Hope it is helpful to you! Ending this post with my fav look – shades and slippers. The most unglam bride ever. Hahaha.



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