Driving lessons 24 to 25

I’m backdating my driving entries because I usually jot down points I want to blog about on my phone and when I manage to squeeze time out, I’ll sit in front of my Mac and jab away at my keyboard. These lessons are about 1.5 months ago. /:

Lesson 24

My module 2 evaluation today with Mr A. Thankfully it is not with Mr K or I may not have passed. During my evaluation he kept distracting me by saying oh wah Pokemon there! I was like omgwtfbbq stop asking me to look at your Pokemon!! I actually rolled down 2 slopes – one outside at the main road, and one in the circuit. Hahaha. The circuit was worse because it was the slope station and I totally forgot the slope procedure because we didn’t practise the lesson before. Thankfully I still passed the evaluation! Yay so happy to move on!! 😀

Lesson 25

Moving on to the technical part of driving, module 3 covers mainly circuit stuff like reversing and parking, and also recap S course and crank course.

Today we covered directional change.


  1. Engage 1st gear before turning in to circuit station.
  2. Go towards the cone, keep in the center of the lane, and stop when you completely cannot see the cone.
  3. Signal right.
  4. Do safety checks. Look into right side mirror, left side mirror, rear view mirror, glance over left shoulder to look at the back.
  5. Once clear, engage reverse gear.
  6. Look out of right window and count the kerb on your right. When your right shoulder meet with 3.5 kerb, full lock steering wheel to the right. ** This is a cheat code that my Instructors taught me and we are not supposed to count out loud during test date. 😛
  7. Check right side mirror to make sure right wheel can clear right kerb. Then check left mirror to make sure left wheel can clear left kerb. Then look in front to make sure wipers are parallel to the front kerb. Immediately return steering wheel to the center, and brake.
  8. Turn head over left shoulder for safety check.
  9. Continue reversing until the bottom of side mirrors are aligned with left and right kerbs.
  10. To move off, signal left. Engage first gear.
  11. When left kerb meets with half door of car, full lock steering wheel to the left.

Tadaaa! Seems quite simple! 🙂


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