I have finally contacted all the relatives I need to invite from my side. Keyword: need. Not want.

Seriously this whole wedding prep is draining. All for a day’s event.

I know all brides face some kind of exhaustion from the preparation. But I kinda think I have it a little less fortunate. Because mummy is no longer around to be my shelter. Really miss her. Dennis is lucky because his mum contacted all his relatives. And his dad drove him around to drop off all the wedding invites.

My dad don’t give much care to it. He suggested that we should sign the certificate at ROM and go for honeymoon straightaway. He doesn’t see the need for a sit-down dinner. But I cannot disrespect my in-laws. 🙂 Dad even almost forgot the wedding date. When I reminded him we are tying the knot in 3 weeks, he went “oh ya hor…”. *gulp*

I’m not someone who can communicate well with elders. I had to think long and hard on the best approach to pass the message. How I wish I was transported back to the old days where I can send messages using horsemen. Haha. Anyway I finally contacted mum’s 6 siblings, and dad’s 6 siblings. By myself. I had to google “what’s dad’s elder sister called in Chinese”. FML.

It was awkward. Because some of the aunties and uncles cannot read English. I called them and tried to describe who I was. I mumbled, “oh I am the daughter of so-and-so (dad’s Chinese name), and aunty replied “umm, who’s that?”

It looks like we might need 7 tables in all.

So much for wanting a “simple dinner with family”.

It looks like the people I don’t know (aka strangers otherwise tied by blood, directly or indirectly) will take the biggest pie.

Now I wish I was a demanding bride. Wish I insisted that I want a friends-only wedding instead of family-only wedding. Because I know so many friends who want to see us tie to knot. Who want to soak in the celebrations as we officially, legally become one. Who has the deepest, sincerest, and most heartfelt congratulatory messages for us.

But it’s too late to make changes now.

And I want to please my in-laws and hubby-to-be la. 🙂

We are 18 days away. Yikes!


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