Hanoi Day 5

29th April 2015

It’s day 2 at Halong Bay! Rise and shine to this view. The water is so still you can almost see the reflection of everything! :O


Had breakfast with our cruise mates before bidding farewell because we will be transferred to another cruise for the day. Everyone else from our original cruise opted for 2D1N and were going back already. I kinda regretted going for 3D2N cos it was really boring on day 2. /: I’m totally not a chillax person so I can’t just sit at the top deck and while away the entire day.


Took this picture because I see a “detective bear” on the rocks! Do you??? 😀


Our transferred cruise brought us to a Pearl Farm.

Hanoi 07b

The guide brought us around the kelong to see how they farm oysters. And there’s even an “operating theatre” to artificially insert some dirt (?) or cut some reproductive organs (?) of the oysters so that they can make pearls. Hahaha sorry if it sounds ridiculous – I can’t remember the details but I recalled I was amazed at what they do.


Some 30% chance that the oyster she picked from the tank contains pearl!


Oh yes it does!!!


Back to the cruise after visiting the Pearl Farm. We didn’t buy anything as we weren’t into such costume jewelry. And my favourite activity again – kayaking! Haha.


Love navigating through all the tunnels and caves. Feeling adventurous! 😀


And we actually saw a freaking huge jellyfish! OMG! Initially I thought it was a piece of floating log. As we kayak closer, it seemed to be moving too much for a log and I thought it was plastic bag or a piece of cloth. We kayaked right above it and Dennis used his paddle to touch it, and we realized it’s an enormous jellyfish! So glad both of us aren’t silly enough to grab it using our bare hands! :O


Back to the cruise. Washed up and time for dinner! 🙂

I’m with this cutie! 😛

Hanoi 07c

Almost similar dishes as the day before but still delicious nonetheless! 🙂

Hanoi 07d

Hope to update more soon! 🙂

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