We found our JP/ Solemnizer


Kudos to Dennis who managed to find a solemnizer within a few hours. I took 2 weeks and came up with anything. Seriously FML. Suck at such stuff. 😭

See here for my list of 23 solemnisers whom I have contacted and none of them were able to make it!

24. Dr Eileen Aw

  • Email: EILEENAW76@gmail.com
  • No reply

25. Dr Chen

  • Email: LINGCHAWMING@yahoo.com.sg
  • No reply

26. Mr Chia

  • Email: CHIANH@cdl.com.sg
  • No reply

27. Prof Lim Lan Yuan

  • Email: LIMKLY@singnet.com.sg
  • Replied after 12 hours.
  • He is able to make it!!! 😀

28. Prof Teo Cheng Swee

  • Email: CSTEO888@yahoo.com.sg
  • Replied within 1 hour.
  • He was not able to make it as he will be solemnising another marriage at the same time.

29. Mr Ernest Wong

  • Email: WONG323@gmail.com
  • Replied within 1 hour.
  • He was not able to make it due to prior engagement.

30. Ms Lien Siaou Sze

  • Email: lienss@singnet.com.sg
  • Replied after 12 hours.
  • She will be overseas during that time.

31. Mr Koh Choon Hui

  • Email: CHOONHUI.KOH@childrensociety.org.sg
  • Replied after 12 hours.
  • His PA, June Lum replied that he will not be available.

32. Mr Hon

  • Email: NOELCCHON@yahoo.com.sg
  • No reply.

33. Mr William Wan

  • Email: WILLIAM_WAN@kindness.sg
  • Replied within 24 hours.
  • He already have something on same day.

34. Mr Choo Si Sen

  • Email: CHOOSISEN@straitslaw.com.sg
  • Replied within 24 hours.
  • He cannot make it.

So yes, number 27 is The One! Finally we have a JP! *huge sigh of relief* Thanks baby for helping! 🙂

Update again soon!


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