Driving lessons 22 to 23

Lesson 22

Not sure what silly idea got to me and I booked an 8.30am lesson on a Sunday morning. Hahahahaha! Of course I couldn’t wake up in time!! Jolted awake at 8.30am and figured I wouldn’t be able to reach the school in ten minutes so I went back to sleep. Hahaha. Yep I just wasted 80 bucks. *pats self on back* =.=”

Lesson 23 

Haven’t drove under Mr A for quite a while and he told me he found my name familiar but couldn’t recall who I was. Hahaha. He thought I had missed my lessons or wasn’t able to book any. When he opened my Training Record Book, he got a shock cause I progressed pretty well! 😀

Yay morale boost!

Anyway I did U-turn part 2 today. Basically just drove some of the test routes and he gave the most difficult U-turn which is not at a junction but just at a small opening! :O it’s quite scary because you really had to make sure the traffic is clear before turning. Usually I let the traffic lights do its job. Haha.

But I did quite well today. Mr A commented I made huge improvements since the last time he saw me. So happy today!!

Next lesson will be Module 2 evaluation! /:

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