SingPost Lost Item Claim

So… towards the end of 2015 I made it mandatory that all Etsy orders are shipped out via Registered Mail because I was having so much issues with lost mails. Even though I had photos of postage proof, they weren’t strong enough an evidence so buyers could claim full refund under the protection scheme by Etsy.

With registered mail, the incidents of lost mail dwindled to almost 0. I was so happy! Customers can also track their parcels online instead of dropping me emails asking where their items were.

Until one fine day in February this year, there was a lost mail. And I began my claim process with Singpost. It was such a tedious process! I just received the cheque this month. :O

11 Feb: Shipped out customer M’s order and updated Etsy with tracking number.

25 Feb: M claimed she did not receive the package.

29 Feb: There was no status update on Singpost website after the first scan. So I submitted an enquiry with Singpost customer service. Click here for submission url.

Notes, before making an enquiry:

  • Addressee must confirm non-receipt of item
  • Enquiry must be made within 6 months from date of posting
  • For Registered Item (overseas), wait 18 working days from date of posting before raising an enquiry
  • Subsequently their response will be on the 15th, 30th, 45th and 60th day after date of enquiry

2 Mar: Singpost confirmed that article has been despatched overseas and they will raise an inquiry with destination postal services for updates.

16 Mar: No response from Singpost. I dropped them a follow up email.

19 Mar: Singpost responded that they have opened an inquiry with destination postal services and will only provide updates on 15th, 30th, 45th and 60th day. Prior to this I wasn’t aware of such timeline. They also sent me a letter to inform that they have not received any updates from destination postal services. They also said that “In the case when your article is not traceable after 2 months from 2 Mar 2016, compensation of up to $68 will be made to you.”

15 Apr: Singpost emailed me that they have not received any reply from destination postal services.

30 Apr: Singpost emailed me that they have not received any reply despite reminders and follow ups. They also sent me a “Registered Article Claim Form” which I had to complete and email to within 30 days from today. I also need to attach the “Posting Receipt For Registered Article”. This is the slip of paper that contains the tracking number when you mail out Registered Article at Singpost. The claim may take about 3-4 weeks to be processed.

17 May: I was so busy that I only managed to email the claim form today.

The month of May & June passed and I thought… alright this claim is just for show. I will not get anything.

27 Jul: Singpost emailed me! I was quite surprised as I had forgotten about the claim. Haha. They require a product invoice/ receipt to expedite the claim process.

27 Jul: I sent them my Etsy screenshot of the order and tracking number. It includes item, description, costs, shipping, tracking number.

10 Aug: Received email from Singpost that they have reviewed the document and processed the claim. The cheque will be sent to my delivery address once ready.

15 Aug: Received the cheque today, amounting to SGD 18.20. My Etsy screenshot shows product price of USD 13 and shipping of USD 6.80. Did some simple Maths and realised they must have used USD 13 * fx 1.4 = SGD 18.20. Haha.

Okay! Better than nothing! 😛

So ya, those who want to claim against Singpost must be prepared to wait 6 months! :O



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