Driving lessons 20 to 21

Lesson 20

So I was quite upset after the previous lesson because instructor Fadli forgot to clear my subject on lane changing. It felt like I’ve wasted my time and money for that lesson.

At the start of today’s lesson, I told Mr K about it straightaway. As usual his response was not positive. He asked “how many lessons on lane change?”

I replied “one”.

Him “hmm, only one lesson ah? And you cleared it already?”

Me “yep yep”.

Him “okay let’s see how you do lane change today. If it’s good, then we’ll do right turns and I will clear both subjects. But if you still need to improve on your lane change then I can only clear one”.

I mumbled okay… But was determined to prove myself.








Managed to clear both subjects!!! Yippee *happy dance*

Really glad I cleared because lane change is one of the most difficult subjects. Especially when you’re on the extreme left lane (which learners should always be) and you gotta lane change all the way to the right before the next traffic light.


  • Always signal early. When instructor say lane change, immediately signal your intention.
  • Fast response. If you’re on 2nd gear, accelerate and go 3rd gear as fast as possible. By then most cars would kind of give way to you so quickly change lane. Some mean Drivers don’t give way though. Just keep calm and carry on.

Lesson 21

We did U turns today! Actually I’ve done U turns before when Mr A went a little cray cray and asked me to do U turn before I actually learnt it. OJT at its best.

For U turns, you will usually take 3 lanes unless it’s a very wide turn then you will end up on lane 1 after you turn.

Step by step for U turn:

  1. Slow down and stop. Engage 1st gear. Always do U turns in 1st gear unless it’s a very wide turn (only 1 test route which you can do U turn in 2nd gear).
  2. Inch forward until right shoulder meets with the kerb. If there is a chevron marking, treat it like a kerb also. Full lock steering wheel right immediately.
  3. Accelerate and keep clutch at biting point. Your car will gradually U turn.
  4. Before your car face the front, quickly return steering wheel straight.
  5. Pick up speed, change to 2nd gear.
  6. Always remember to stay in left most lane.

There is only 1 attempt at U turn so do it properly and correctly during test day! Jiayou! 😀


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