Exploring Tan Boon Liat Building 

Recommended by one of Dennis’ reservist friend who’s a wood craftsman, we decided to explore this hidden gem. No regrets going to this place because we found many nice things!! We took quite a lot of photos so just sharing it on my blog; hopefully it’s helpful to others too! 🙂


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Modern Wood Furniture and Accessories
Daily 10:00-7:00
T: 92721545

The first shop we entered. I love the smell of wooden furniture! Dennis was keen in the extendable dining table and the sales ladies were friendly to explain all the details. I kinda love the work desks! 😛




Journey East

Furniture (Eco, Vintage, Industrial)
Daily 10:00-6:00

Interesting place but furniture were too dark to my liking. Lots of quirky vintage home decor stuff if that’s your thing!


I want this shelf!!IMG_8466

Mountain Teak

Contemporary Wood Furniture, Lighting, Accessories
Daily 10:30-6:30
T: 62247176


Love this dining table in white oak. The lighting made it a little yellowish but it’s paler in real life. But Dennis commented that the table legs do not look stable as they are quite thin. Shall KIV! 🙂

Sales person David Lee (98732128) was very friendly and brought us around the shop as we showed keen interest in this set. He even explained to us more about wooden furniture and how to maintain them. IMG_8471

Make Room

Furniture, Lighting, Accessories
Daily 10:00-6:00


This place sells mainly accessories which I believe you can also get from Taobao. But I really love the kitchen space! 😀


Artful House

Furniture, Lighting Accessories
Tue-Sun 10:30-6:00
Closed Public Holidays
T: 81126127

Randomly stumbled into this vintage place. I wanted to get out because I wasn’t interested in old vintage stuff but Dennis walked straight in. -.- Luckily the sales lady was very friendly and chatted quite a bit with Dennis. She asked if we’re keen in vintage pieces and Dennis replied “we’re actually going for minimalist style”. I swear I rolled my eyes at him! @.@ Then why enter this shop!? Sometimes I don’t understand this boy.

As we were walking out, I saw this cabinet which looks quite nice. Doris (96986837) said this would look good in the living room too! And it’s pretty minimalist. Haha. Shall KIV this but I think the shade of brown is a little red for my liking! Doris also recommended us to visit OriginAsia as they have lots of wooden furniture.



Furniture, Custom Made Jr Furniture, Lease Art and Accessories
Daily 10:30-6:30
T: 90103656

Our last stop! We saw this table and immediately fell in love with it! It’s bleached teak hence the light shade. Plus, Dennis says the table legs are very stable. Hahaha. #WhatEngineersLookFor vs #WhatCraftersLookFor

To our disappointment, there was a big ‘SOLD’ sign on the table. We approached the sales lady Rebecca Mo (90103656) and asked if there could be a remake. The good news was that we can custom-make dining tables with them!! 😀 Imagine how our faces lit up when we heard that! We can choose the material, the colour, the shape, the size, the finishing, etc. So happy! Looks like we will be customising our own table after some research online! 😀



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