I recently had 2 customers on extreme ends. One’s super kind, patient and understanding. While the other behaved with the typical “customer’s always right” attitude which made me really sad.

Sandra on Etsy dropped me a note:

Hello, I would like to buy this washi tape please and do not require a tracking number for shipping to Canada. What would the shipping cost be please? Thank you.

Simple enquiry but being very polite. And our conversation went:

DQ: Hello, the shipping (without tracking) will be USD 1.40 to Canada! Please note that I’ll not be responsible for lost mails if you opt for non-registered shipping. Leave me your Paypal email address if you would like to confirm and I’ll send you a separate invoice. Thanks!

S: Thanks so much for getting back to me. I would like you to send me an invoice please for the Sailor Boy washi tape with shipping to Canada at $1.40. My email address is (masked for privacy).

DQ: I’ve sent you an invoice on Paypal. Could you also place an order through Etsy for record purposes? At the payment option, just click on ‘Others’. Also check that the address on your Etsy account is correct as I will send the package there. Thanks so much!

S: Thanks so much for all of your help. 🙂 I just paid the PayPal invoice that you sent and submitted an order through Etsy for record purposes. My address is correct on my PayPal account and Etsy account. I plan to make a birthday card with the washi tape and can’t wait to receive it. Many thanks!

I was really touched by her sincerity! Threw in freebies in her package too. Just because… 🙂

If only all the customers are like her!

And soon after I received an enquiry on Carousell. No wonder some people call it Carouhell! *rolls eyes* Don’t want to put her Carousell handle here because she didn’t do anything wrong. Just that I was irked by her messages.

SS: Hi!! Can let me know if buyer backs out? I’m keen to get this plus one of the wedding card 🙂 Actually two other wedding cards! Is there a choice of envelope colour?

DQ: Hi hi! My envelopes are made of patterned papers and I will try to match with the cards. If you really want specific colour I gotta see if I have them! (: the birthday card is sold already. Sorry! The 2 wedding cards are still available! (: do you want to confirm?

SS: Hmmm Sure! Able to send me some photos of the envelops that you might pick for that two cards?

DQ: I’ll send you tmr night, after work okie? Cos I need to work late today. /:

SS: Sure sure! Anw! Will you be able to make another birthday card like the fox??

– I was super tied up at work hence did not reply within 24 hours –

SS: Hi! Any updates? (just after the 24 hour mark)

DQ: Hey! So sorry I had to work late unexpectedly again tonight. Actually the envelopes are from patterned papers. Show you sample of the papers. [attached pic] I will make into envelopes to go with each card (: As for the fox birthday card, I’ll not be able to make exactly the same but can make similar ones. But not so soon. Maybe in 1-2 weeks time (:

SS: Hmmm Cuz my bf birthday is on 26 was hoping to get by end of this week so thT I got time to write stuff inside..

DQ: Oh.. By end of this week is not possible ya? (: cos I’m also holding a full time job and can only make during weekends/ free time. Hope you understand!

SS: Is it possible to get on Sunday? :/!

DQ: Sorry, it’s really not possible /: let me know if you still want the other 2 wedding cards! (:

SS: Hmmm can you do $8 mailed for both? And Mail by tmr morning? If I pay by tonight 🙂

DQ: Sorry babe, prices are non-nego as stated. Total will be $8.70 inclusive normal mail of $0.90. Please transfer to account xxx [masked for privacy] and let me know once done. Note that I’ll hold items for 24 hours. If payment by 10pm, I can mail out tmr morning. Thanks! (:

SS: I won’t be able to pay tonight. Too short notice I was waiting for your account number whole day. Don’t think I’ll get from you already thanks. Don’t need to hold.



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