Driving lessons 18 to 19

Lesson 18

Instructor was on leave today and my replacement instructor was Mr Tan Beng Kwang (also from One Team).

Super malu because the first thing he asked me to do was start the car. He gave me the car keys and omg I don’t know how to start a car!! Hahaha I didn’t learn that at all. Mr Tan laughed and said all his One Team students know how to start. -.-

But now I know, insert car key, clutch in, turn the engine on! 😀

Mr Tan is a very soft-spoken guy, super gentle and not fierce at all. So I felt really comfortable driving next to him. I hope my tester is as gentle as him. Hahaha. Anyway he glanced at my training record book, saw my name and asked “are you from China?”

I gave an immediate and defensive “NO!” Lol.

He then went on to ask if I’m still studying or already working. OMG I AM SO FLATTERED! Since he asked, he must have thought I *might* be a student. Which means I look like 21??? 😀

Moving on… the lesson went on pretty well. He brought me to a few test routes and did general driving. He commented that I’m a steady driver except that I’m always forgetting to check blindspots. That’s my super weak area. Gotta work on it! Aja aja!

Lesson 19

Instructor was on leave again, probably celebrating Hari Raya. My replacement instructor was super nice! His name is Mr Fadli (fellow One Team instructor).

We did Lane Change today and it’s super fun! From the extreme left lane, you gotta change lanes to the extreme right lane just in time to make a right turn at traffic light. Haha. I enjoyed this subject. Mr Fadli said I’m quite a confident driver. Lol maybe because of his friendly disposition I felt comfortable driving beside him.

He left me with a chim phrase:

What is important about driving is what I cannot teach you.

Hahaha I actually have the Huh? look and he explained: confidence and judgement are the 2 most important factors to be a good driver. It’s (almost) impossible to teach someone those traits so it’s really up to the driver!

I have to say I agree with him 100%. Skill wise I believe it’s not hard to learn. With enough practice it will become muscle memory. I think it’s like riding a bicycle. You can’t really unlearn it?

Anyway, instructor Fadli stamped my attendance in the Training Record Book but he totally forgot to clear my subject!! He verbally told me it’s cleared but he forgot to stamp on my book. I only realised it on the way home. Feeling terrible because my next lesson is with Mr K and I know he wouldn’t believe it if I told him I passed the overtaking module. Boo hoo hoo!! T___T


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