Hanoi Day 4

28th April 2016

We took an overnight train again and arrived at Hanoi early morning. The train station was dark, reckon it was barely 5am in the morning. A hotel staff from Hanoi Victory Hotel came to pick us up from the train station and arranged for a taxi to bring us back to the hotel. Since it was so early, they gave us a room to shower, take a nap, and pack our bags for Halong Bay! Super thumbs up service! πŸ˜€

It was a three-hour drive from our hotel to the ferry terminal with a toilet break somewhere in the middle. Along the way we also stopped by other hotels to pick up other passengers.

Hanoi 06b

At the ferry terminal which was super crowded!


We took a small boat which brought us to our “cruise”. I didn’t really read up about Halong Bay cruises so I was surprised that it’s a very small cruise ship. Hahaha.

There were 15 rooms in all. And here’s ours! Quite comfy for a small ship.

Alova Cruises



Had sumptuous lunch onboard and enjoyed the gorgeous view of Halong Bay from the top deck.


After lunch we disembarked the cruise and a small boat brought us to Titop Island. We didn’t prepare swimwear and could only sit by the beach. /:

Hanoi 06c

Thankfully there was some sort of hill/ cave/ stairs (can’t remember what it was). We climbed to the top to enjoy the scenic view! πŸ™‚


After that came my favourite part – kayaking! It was so much fun to kayak to wherever you like. It was not dangerous at all because of all the rock formations that stop the big currents from the sea to come in. The water was still and clear. We kayaked all the way from one rock to another rock. And when my arms got tired, I let Dennis do all the work. Hehe πŸ˜›

Sorry about the tinge of pink in the photo below. I placed my (then new) phone into a pink ziplock bag in case it fell into the water hahaha.


Dinner time! We had a mini cooking class where we learnt to make Vietnamese spring rolls. Super easy actually because all the ingredients were already prepared. We just had to mix them together and roll into rice papers.


Pre-dinner drinks by our awesomely hilarious bartender. He’s so cute because he can’t speak good English and most of the guests onboard are Aussies. I don’t drink but since everyone ordered, I had to too. /:

Hanoi 06d

Check out all the good food! I’m impressed how 1 cook can prepare all of these for us! :O all the intricate carving done on the spot too!


Ended off the night with prawn and squid catching. It was a great test of patience! 😦 We didn’t catch any although we saw one squid get hooked onto our fishing line and when we reel it in, it dropped off. Boos!


That’s all for day 4! Tomorrow is one more night at Halong Bay! πŸ™‚


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