National Identity Crisis?

Someone asked me today, if I attended the National Day Parade, or watched the fireworks live.

I replied, “nope, I did it at the comfort of my own home.”

He looked astonished.

I asked, “did you?”

He shook his head, but proudly commented that he went to the Community Centre in the morning for flag raising ceremony.

Now, I didn’t know there are flag raising ceremonies in Community Centres on National Day. My bad. The look of astonishment was now on my face.

He remarked, “oh shame on you!”

P/s. He is a new citizen.

I was upset by his remark and retorted, “wow so just by attending ONE flag raising ceremony on National Day, you’re trying to prove your patriotism to the country? What about the rest of 364 days? And do you even know how to sing the National Anthem or recite the Pledge?”

His response was that he is only a citizen for less than a year, whereas I’m a Singaporean all my life.

I left it at that.

But as I recalled our conversation I got quite upset. 😦 how dare he say such things!

He doesn’t even know Singlish, cannot comprehend local jokes, don’t know the National Anthem nor Pledge so I assume he doesn’t know the meaning either, don’t know our local dishes, heck he didn’t grow up here!! Shit I’m getting visibly upset. Is this an identity crisis!!??


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