Driving lessons 16 to 17

Lesson 16

My dreaded slope subject because it looks intimidating! But many people (including Dennis) told me it’s the most fun one. Furthermore it’s with Mr K, which just makes it more nerve-wrecking.

Unfortunately the circuit was very crowded when I was taking this subject so I had to queue for my turn at the slope (lots of time wasted there).

But it was also a good thing Mr K was teaching me slope subject because he is a very systematic instructor and easy for me to learn things step by step.

What I learnt (procedure for slope):

  • Make sure slope is clear of vehicles before turning in to slope course.
  • Down shift to gear 1 before turning in to slope course.
  • Brake at the yellow line (clutch in, then brake for gear 1).
  • If you’re in left lane, signal right. If you’re in right lane, signal left. This is to show traffic that you’re moving off.
  • Pull handbrake (press button, pull handbrake, release button, crank upwards twice – you will hear 2 clicks)
  • Release foot brake slowly. If you realize your car is rolling back at this point, do not worry. Simply step on foot brake again and make sure handbrake is pulled up properly.
  • Once certain that car is not moving, rev up to 3000 rpm and hold it there.
  • Left foot release clutch to biting point. Check blind spot and push down handbrake. Car will move forward immediately.
  • Once the car is on top of the slope and tilting downwards, shift right foot from accelerator to foot brake and step gently. This is to slow down the car as it rolls downhill.
  • At the stop line, brake the car fully (clutch in, then brake).

Thankfully I passed my slope subject even though I wasn’t very confident about it. Mr K told me we would get more practise at the end of module 2 and he would like me to practise general driving on the main roads instead. So not to worry if I still haven’t mastered slope!

Lesson 17

Omg I am so disappointed with myself today. The subject is on road familiarisation hence we did lots of general driving around the main roads at Ubi area. I’m not sure if I was too tired after work today, or that the car aircon was too cold (such that I was slightly shivering), or I was simply not focused enough. But I did real bad today.

Made lots of mistakes like forgetting to stop at stop line, taking too wide turns, fail to gauge distance of oncoming vehicles hence slowing down my move-off reaction, engine stalled at least 5 times because I didn’t accelerate enough before releasing clutch, and subsequently over-revving the engine countless times, fail to change gears in time especially while turning, etc.

Basically I made all possible mistakes for that night. T___T

I felt really upset and I could sense Mr K slightly disappointed in me.

But he still passed this subject because he didn’t want to hold me back unnecessarily. And the rest of the subjects in module 2 also involve general driving and I could improve in future lessons.

Argghhh! Okay. Hope I am able to do better next time.


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