Life lately, July 2016

I did a No Spend May 2 months ago and was feeling proud of it. So I thought I’d give it a shot again this month!

Unfortunately these cuties got the better of me. 😦

Had to have them!!!

And I also bought this Le Petit Prince moleskin notebook. Oh my gosh so pretty!!

I… Cannot. I just cannot resist such a beautiful notebook! #suckerforstationery

I’ve tried bullet journalling for a while now and I really liked it. Except that I also need a calendar to mark out due dates and schedule. Like when I need to make birthday cards for friends, or when is my next driving lesson, or even when to post certain pictures on Instagram (yes I also schedule Instagram posts but mainly for my shop). Heh. I can do all that on Google calendar but I’m really more of a pen and paper kinda girl. So I’m trying out this notebook and see how it goes!
We are also in the midst of looking for our ID/ Contractor. It’s quite fun to learn something new each time we visited a new company, but not so fun when I had to take a one hour train ride to Jurong East (had a meeting with Absolook at Tradehub 21). -.-

Will blog more about IDs and Contractors once we finalised ours! 

And oh you know they say you will tend to look for a life partner who is like your parents? So like my Husband will tend to behave like my dad. OMG it is so true!!! Real life horror story right here! :O 

There are so many similarities between the both of them. But I swear I didn’t even think Dennis resembled my dad at first glance. For one, Dennis is an extrovert while my dad is the other extreme. /: but both of them are Engineers and sometimes think alike. Like how I came across copies of Robi magazines at 7-11 and sent a picture to Dennis. 

He immediately replied that he wanted them! -.- 

My dad also subscribed to some robot-making related magazines in his younger days and spent a bomb to buy knick knacks to build robots. Gees. Am I really going to marry… My dad???!!!! /:


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