Driving lessons 14 to 15

Lesson 14

Yay I passed my module 1 evaluation today! Actually I was pretty nervous because it’s with Mr K and he is stricter compared to Mr A. But I know that if I did not do well, it’s really due to my incompetency and need more practice. He will not fail me without a good reason.

Before the test he gave me a few laps of warm up at our usual route and briefly went through all the subjects in module 1 and asked if I had questions or clarifications about anything. I couldn’t think of anything to ask. Lol.

So we began our test and he really behaved like a real tester! He gave very general instructions like “turn right at the next traffic light” and didn’t remind me of the things I needed to check. Haha. At one point I asked him “how many points to fail?” Because in the TP test, it’s 18 points or less to pass. He told me there are no points given and he will pass me if I perform up to his expectation. Omg that’s his trump card! :O

All in all, I managed to perform up to standard and he was really happy that I improved heaps since my first lesson! 😛 Yay!!

Lesson 15

First subject in module 2 – S course and crank course! Both of which I suck at. 😦 Still managed to clear this subject though – because the instructor didn’t want to waste time on circuit stuff and would rather I practice driving out on the main roads.

What I learnt:

  • For S course and crank course, drive in gear 1.
  • When making left turn, try to keep right so it’s less likely to hit left kerb.
  • Always try to stay in the centre of your lane.

Actually there isn’t much to teach about S course and crank course, except that try to stay within your lane and not hit any kerb. Hahaha. I hope I get better at this with more practice!



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