Hanoi Day 3

27th April 2015

Started the day early with another trekking activity! Locals sitting by the hillside.


The start of Cat Cat Village! It’s a very developed area because locals are watching coloured TV (they mentioned it was sponsored by some officials) and most of them were selling tourist goods. I suppose they are more well to do that those who live in the mountains.


Hanoi 05b

This was quite a challenging trek as we I had to get on my hands and knees because some areas are too steep for me to climb. -.-


Mini waterfall near our rest point!


We got to watch a local performance in small hut for about 20 minutes. It’s those typical cultural dance which I didn’t particularly enjoyed. /: I’m really more of a hands-on outdoor-sy type of person.


My kind of vacation! 😀 Misty mountains, broken tracks, like going on an adventure!


Told ya I had to get on my hands and knees… -.-”


After the long and tiring trek, the tour package provided a shuttle van to bring us to our hotel. Hurray!! My legs were almost giving way! 😛

Dropped by this place for lunch. Actually it’s just a random shop in Sapa town haha.


Ordered meat and veg on skewers and my favourite was bamboo rice! 😀 #lovemycarbs

Hanoi 05c

Went for foot massage which was really disappointing!! The masseur were more of caressing us than massaging! 😦 We also thought we must have burnt a good amount of calories so we had three-layered Vietnamese coffee and cheesecake. Wahahaha! 😛


Hanoi 05d

That’s all for day 3! Look out for the next post which will be on Halong Bay! 🙂


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