In search of our bed

Some of the blocks in our development – Compassvale Cape got their keys and started renovation already! So it’s time for us to search for contractors/ IDs/ home furnitures/ appliances/ etc…

We received about 3 quotes so far but haven’t decided which one to confirm. Once done perhaps I’ll write a post about it! 🙂

Meanwhile… we bought our bed! Yay! One item off our checklist. It’s not a super expensive bed but good enough value for our money. So we’re really pleased with the purchase.

We first started looking out for beds at My Home Grand Furniture & Reno Expo held at Singapore Expo from 2-10 July. At that time we knew nothing about beds so we popped by almost every Vendor and tried on the higher tier beds. Most of them were comfortable! And it really boils down to personal preference. Dennis prefers firmer mattresses while I’m ok with soft plushy ones. So we settled for something in between. 😛

Dennis also popped by IMM one evening to look at beds. Unfortunately he learnt that different places carry different models since there were so many variety under the same brand and beds take up so much space! Doesn’t make sense for every shop to carry the same model. This also mean that it’s difficult for us to compare.

Last weekend we went to Expo again for Home Design & Deco 2016. Tried many brands again and honestly I can’t really tell the difference between each one. Haha. I’m so not a princess! 😛 While we were trying the mattresses, Dennis said we are Goldilocks because we’ll go “this bed is too hard”, “this bed is too soft”, “oh this bed feels right”! LOL!

We end up buying Maxcoil Naperville Silver Care at only S$2918 with lots of freebies:

  • 1x King size bed with storage bed frame
  • 2x Prima loft pillows
  • 2x King size mattress protector
  • 2x sets of King size bedsheets

We did negotiate a little to get this price la. Plus there was a 15% Expo discount and $588 discount for being the first 5 customers. Original “promotion” price was $2,999.

Maxcoil 02

Anyway, price aside, this was one of the most reasonable packages with a comfort level we both like. So settled it! 🙂

I know the picture below is a little obscene but please wear long pants when trying on beds because look what happened to me!!!?? 😦


Not sure what bugs were hiding in those display beds! Argh!


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